Halloween will become Groundhog Day

Today is Halloween, October 31, 2019. Today the democrats officially opened their impeachment of President Trump. The impeachment process began immediately after the election results were finalized.

It’s been 1,086 days since President Trump won the 2016 election. In 10 days it will be the 3 year anniversary of that election.

It’s 369 days until the 2020 election. In 4 days it will be 1 year until the 2020 election.

The democrats will have waited over 3 full years to overturn the will of the people that elected President Trump when they finally get around to casting their vote for impeachment.

It will be less than 1 year before the people will speak again once that impeachment vote is taken. Your elected officials will have invalidated your vote from 2016 if you voted for Trump. They will begin their efforts immediately after Trump wins re-election to invalidate your 2020 vote. Unless you want more and more of the same, be very cognizant of how you vote. The major political parties have no interest in what you want. The swamp encompasses both of them. Halloween today will turn into Groundhog Day. Ask yourself why you expect different results when you vote candidates from the same group over and over.

Did Joe Biden just publicly disown his son Hunter?

OMG! Did Joe Biden just disown his son Hunter? Hunter has of course made millions of dollars profiting off his father’s name without being qualified to earn any of it. His qualifications to serve on the Amtrak Board? He rode the train. Seriously. His qualifications to serve on the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Board? He served on the Amtrak Board. Seriously. You can’t make this stuff up. Do Republicans profit off their political connections? You’re darn tootin’ they do. But they just can’t seem to master the totally self-unawareness that people like the Bidens and Clinton’s do so effortlessly. Or maybe Joe has really decided to disown poor Hunter as he’s become such a political liability. Let’s hope that after Joe realizes he can’t win in 2020 and retires he’ll seek some family therapy to repair his fractured relationship with his son. Heck, Hunter can even pick up the doctor tab with the millions upon millions he’s profited from over the years despite not being the Republican Joe really wanted.

POTUS are you listening? You must do this

Told ya. In my October 7th post titled 3rd Whistleblower, I opined that Trump must gather up all the transcribers from the July 25th Ukraine phone call and march them up to the hill and make them testify. That’s the only way to head off the strategy of the left to keep the fake quid pro quo narrative alive. The transcribers merely need to state that what’s in the transcript is exactly what they heard to the best of their recollection. No omissions. No alterations. Now Schiff and Pelosi may refuse to play. Fine. Send them to the Senate and have them testify in front of Graham’s committee. The point is to make it public.

Why? The left is predictably moving forward with their strategy to claim the released transcript was altered. That’s the idea behind Alexander Vindman testifying. The only way to deflect from the strategy of the right to point to the released transcript as proof of no quid pro quo is to claim it’s a fake. The only way to bury that argument is to do what I propose above. The sooner the better if Trump wants to take this issue off the table and derail the so-called impeachment inquiry fiasco now underway.

Or not if the Trump strategy is to force an actual impeachment believing it will be tactfully beneficial come election time. I wouldn’t recommend it. Allowing the left to control the narrative is just dumb. A President may be able to overcome an impeachment and get re-elected but only if it clearly appears as a partisan act. Letting the left create gray areas to create doubt is not the way to go about it. Look how many people today who believe that Clinton was impeached for having sex in the Oval Office. It doesn’t matter that it was for lying to a Grand Jury, the media controlled the narrative and history shows they were successful in changing the public perception. Even if Trump believes that impeachment is a forgone conclusion and the Senate won’t convict, he can’t allow the left to write his obituary.

A story about an angel covering up a story about an evil felon?

Couple pushing stroller saved by vehicle blocking ‘drunk’ driver https://mol.im/a/7608127 via http://dailym.ai/android

An angel protected that family. When you read the rest of the story it makes you wonder why a drunk driver arrested for dui and assault with a lengthy prior record would be released just two hours later. Yet another illegal alien put right back on the streets by our politically correct system?

From Fox News – Trump announces ‘permanent ceasefire’ in Syria between Turkey and Kurds; lifts sanctions on Ankara

Trump announces ‘permanent ceasefire’ in Syria between Turkey and Kurds; lifts sanctions on Ankara


What’s the takeaway for the common man? Trump’s Syria policy is simply a part of his larger policy to drain the swamp. The military-industrial complex swamp. Being the global cop is big business and the entrenched establishment doesn’t like any attack on its income stream. The never Trumpers will continue to play the victim card as the heartless Americans abandon the Kurdish people. This will be the template going forward. Trump will painted as the non-caring President and Putin’s puppet as Russia can swoop in behind us. Of course we’ve all seen that Russia also can’t afford to be the global cop either and they tire of it as well as in Afghanistan. Limiting our entanglements abroad to purely strategic involvement makes sense as a matter of foreign policy. It directly contradicts the swamp policy of the U.S. taxpayer funding our endless wars. You’re not allowed to say that or you are lumped in with isolationists like Ron and Rand Paul or nowadays Tulsi Gabbard and targeted as a Russian asset. This fight is nothing new nor or the talking points. Can the voter see through the fog? Can you still be a patriotic American who cares about the plight of the oppressed around the globe yet don’t participate in regime change? Can you be pro-active against global terrorists and fight on their soil without footing the bill for permanent deployments all over the world? Ah that’s the big money question. That’s why Trump gets paid the big money as that dance is always more political than financial.

From Fox News – Elijah Cummings dead at 68

Elijah Cummings dead at 68


I’ll bet John Lewis is breathing a sigh of relief today. With Cummings dead maybe white people won’t mistake him for Cummings anymore. At least that was Rashida Talib’s argument for requiring only black people to operate facial recognition technology at the Detroit police department since she sees white people mixing the two up all the time. Heck, the people of Baltimore should rejoice as the carnage under Cummings ‘leadership’ may finally be addressed. A bit harsh you may say for not respecting the dead? I certainly don’t know him. Might have been the nicest guy you ever met but I won’t shed any fake tears or meaningless RIP’s for someone I didn’t personally know. I’m only speaking to his record in office and it was horrific as you would expect from a career collective partisan.

3rd whistleblower?

Of course not. Seriously? There wasn’t even a 1st or 2nd whistleblower so there certainly isn’t a third. How to stop the democrats from continuing to advance this dog and pony show? If I were POTUS I would simply march every ear that was listening in on the Ukraine call up to Congress and make them available to testify. Why? Let them tell the hoax pushers the real first hand transcript. They can testify under oath if the transcript released by the White House matches their note taking of the call. This will bury the hoax once and for all.

These aren’t spooks with hidden identities to keep secret. They are White House staffers, intelligence agency personnel, State Dept., etc. Now there would be nothing to gain and everything to lose for the democrats if he did this but the optics of refusing would be very difficult for Pelosi to explain. Trump needs to take this step or be faced with endless further whistleblowers and the left demanding call transcripts for other calls. Now that the transcript is in the public domain the voters can see for themselves this is all fake news. Sure there will always be the delusional that won’t believe. They are the ones that watched the Biden video bragging about his quid pro quo with Ukraine and couldn’t see anything wrong there. They are lost souls so no need to worry about them.

Do it now President Trump. Nip their conspiracy theory right in the bud.

Does the left wish to kill free speech? Or something even worse?

The worst part? This garbage is behind a pay wall. Instead of forcing you to pay to read hate speech from the left I just went ahead and did the editor’s job and corrected the headline for the Times.

We can clearly see the coordinated attack on free speech with the left calling on Twitter to censor Trump, the Legislative branch usurping the speech of the Executive branch, etc. There are countless examples. It fits in with the plan to terminate all of the rights of the individual. If it all comes to fruition as the progressives hope, we’ll collectively ask for our rights to be stripped all in the interests of our own safety. It won’t be free speech they’re eradicating. It will be free thought.