The Gun War

Another day, another shooting, another day for pushing agendas. The church shooting in White Settlement, Texas is a terrible tragedy. The outrage was predictable. The left blames the NRA and claims that more gun laws are needed. The right hails the hero who took down the shooter and saved countless more lives. The left claims that gun free zones are the answer. The right points out that self-protection is the answer. There is only one end point for the argument. Confiscation.

The left is still not willing to go there. The focus groups tell them not to. They will eventually. For now it will still be the outrage after each incident. Once the gun law fallacy is dead and the gun free zone silliness has worn out its usefulness, the left will have to embrace their ultimate goal of confiscation. It will be sold as the only feasible way to stop senseless gun violence. No laws will stop criminals. Gun free zones create target rich environments. And the most important aspect? Allowing and encouraging people to arm and protect themselves is 180 degrees out of phase from the goal of empowering the government.

How sad that an unspecified number of victims must die in order to advance a narrative. More still need to die. An uninvested observer would look at it logically and say that the solution is mandatory self-protection. Waiting for a law enforcement agency to respond to a situation which is usually over with in a matter of minutes is illogical. Protecting yourself is the logical answer.

The left tries to sell the opposite. Simply eliminate the problem at its source. The only problem is that inconvenient little amendment in the Constitution. The left needs more carnage. More senseless killings. Their strategy is to shock Americans into willingly give up the 2nd Amendment in order to save themselves. Create more gun free zones and sanctuary areas. This will lead to more bloodshed. Leading the lambs to the slaughter.

The fact should have you appalled. That the left is hopeful of more deaths merely to enable their goal of changing the Constitution is beyond outrageous. Yet we see it all the time with the progressive agenda in that the ends really do justify the means. It’s a given with our politicians that place agenda above all else. Wasting taxpayer dollars? Well worth it. Bloodshed to strengthen the ruling class? Justifiable if it’s in our best interests so decided upon by said ruling class.

The left will vehemently deny this. To claim that they could be so callous? It’s a product of a vast bureaucracy. Detachment from how this affects the common man on the street is the very definition of our unelected bureaucrats making policy for so many millions of people they literally will never have any contact with yet make life changing decisions for them on a regular basis. The elected officials only come out at campaign time to our neighborhoods and hear us at our town halls. When is the last time you heard of a politician respond to a constituent at a town hall and change their platform because of it? Not lobbyists or special interests mind you but a real man on the street? It doesn’t happen. Instead they get elected and then tell us how they will rule. What happened to an elected official reflecting their constituents views rather than their own?

So we wait for the left to embrace confiscation. It’s coming. It’s always been their agenda. How many more will die in the meantime? Or will the right finally go on offense for self-defense and addressing mental illness and stop playing defense on the left’s terms?

Supporters from the left and right aren’t so different except for game time

What’s the difference between republicans and democrats? The democrat party has the cahonas to go after what they believe in. Sure, they’re completely warped and misguided, but they make the effort. How do I know? I know that much of what is enraging the left concerning Trump is the same as what bothered conservatives and libertarians about Obama. Abuse of power. Racism. Divisiveness. Unqualified. Tyrant. You couldn’t stand to hear Obama speak. Shock that America could possibly give that guy a second term. Unaccountability for crimes. On and on and on.

What we didn’t see is the right wearing their emotions on their sleeve as the left does. People thought it but wouldn’t say it. They felt that same contempt and disgust because Obama didn’t represent them or their values. Not my President. You can lump Clinton in as well as she brought about the same rage. However, as we’ve seen, people on the right don’t act on their emotions as those on the left do. Trump derangement syndrome has forced many on the left to expose themselves and their true intentions. Liberalism is a disease but that doesn’t mean the afflicted don’t naturally try to conceal their values. Since liberals and progressives operate primarily on emotion, Trump has simply triggered them beyond their control whereas those on the right were able to continue on suffering in silence for the most part under Obama/Clinton.

It’s why the poll experts couldn’t see the Trump victory. They don’t have the wherewithal to extract true voter intentions. Perhaps they believe that an anonymous poll is adequate to expect that Trump voters will be honest. Perhaps they have yet to learn what an appropriate poll sample is to reflect the electorate. Perhaps they are merely in the tank for liberalism and wish to utilize their polls to influence voters rather than reflect them. Maybe a combination. Regardless, they aren’t able to accurately assess Trump voters and we’re sure to see a repeat next year.

I’m not sure if the right has it in them to come out of the closet absent a truly life threatening scenario. To do so requires confrontation in all aspects of everyday life. Confronting our schools for revisionist history and indoctrination. Confronting our religious leaders for acquiescing to political correctness. Confronting friends and family for views dangerous to America. The days of doing your due diligence and making your phone calls to your elected leaders and carrying a sign at a rally are insufficient. As the impeachment fiasco has helped to reveal, our elected leaders aren’t the policy makers, it’s the entrenched un-elected bureaucracy that rules.

The right is always playing catch-up to the left on revolutionary practices. They have had tremendous success with corporate advertising pressure. The media is now feeling safe enough, or threatened enough doesn’t matter, to openly censor the news. The pushback from the right seems to be limited to preaching to the choir with their established opinion audiences and selling books. Constantly highlighting liberal media hypocrisy is so yesterday. No one new is being exposed to this message. Besides, the fact is that many Americans, not just Trump supporters, have tuned out. They no longer even watch local news. Hasn’t that been the selling point for conservatives/libertarians anyway? Live your life and don’t empower these people to run it for you. That passiveness is no longer possible. The left is very aware they can steal our liberty like thieves in the night.

Let’s hope no one on the right is hoping for a pause once this impeachment nonsense is complete. Even after Trump is acquitted in the Senate, the left will only double down. They have made it crystal clear they have no intention of leaving it in the hands of the voters. We have a mountain of evidence showing the multitude of ways they will attempt to alter the election results. The stakes will keep rising as November approaches. Watching or listening or reading your favorite right side pundits will not get it done. Just like any good football team, the game will be won in the trenches doing the dirty work.

This potential gift to Trump is just what the doctor ordered at Christmastime

‘Nowhere to hide, Moscow Mitch’! Laurence Tribe’s brand of impeachment justice gets a big boost from Resistance nutjob Seth Abramson

Larry, Larry, Larry. Have you really thought this through Harvard Law School Professor Larry Tribe? You being a law professor and not a politician probably should focus group the heck out of your scheme first. You’re assuming a public which is already impeachment weary is ready for even more gamesmanship. Remember why the House rushed the impeachment through. The clock is against them. Forcing a delay in the Senate trial sounds like a non-starter. Any delay for political stunts of even a couple weeks pushes the trial back squarely into the Iowa caucus date of February 3, 2020. The GOP would have a gift for no charge right when the campaign season really picks up after the first of the year. Nancy Pelosi surely hasn’t gone that far over the edge in accommodating her new progressive rulers. She knows they need to have the impeachment on record and then quickly change the subject to attempt to sway voters into believing that her Congress is actually doing something for the people before election day.

What an easy win for McConnell. After pointing out to the American people that the Lower House has no authority to dictate rules to the Upper House, he can simply suggest that they complete their investigation by calling all the witnesses deemed necessary. Take the appropriate amount of time to thoroughly debate and then take another vote and send forward Articles of Impeachment if still found necessary. The Senate has neither the authority nor the task of determining if impeachable offenses have occurred and whether or not Articles of Impeachment are necessary. Their job is to review the Articles sent forward by the House and vote whether or not they are a crime worthy of removing the President. You can already hear the calls of obstruction from the left over McConnell not caving into their demands. I think the public is a bit smarter than that. Impeachment is likely the gift that gets Trump re-elected. Partisan political games over the Senate trial would surely favor Trump even more at the ballot box.

Dem tells supporters screw you my priorities come first

Dem rep from Trump district faces rowdy town hall, boos after backing impeachment

Who’s surprised, anyone?

“All I can ask from the people who are listening is that while we may not agree, I hope you believe me when I tell you I made this decision out of principle,” she said, adding, “I will stick to that regardless of what it does to me politically because this is bigger than politics.”

One thing is for sure. This representative has warped principles. Anyone that takes the time to research everything for themselves absent any media spin can only come to the conclusion that this is a farce. A means to an end. Trump is a danger in that he represents a movement to reduce the power of the swamp.

It’s interesting that opponents call this conspiracy talk. It’s really just human nature. The swamp is looking out for themselves by attempting to increase their power. Job security. Career security. No conspiracy here except from those in the swamp denying the obvious. We’ve seen the way they’ve reacted in the impeachment hearings. Their primary objection to Trump is not utilizing the agencies full of unelected bureaucrats policy making decisions. That’s a shock to their system as things simply aren’t done that way in the swamp.

Representatives like this that proclaim they are making principled decisions are no different than the rest that see their best career path forward in helping to eliminate the threats like Trump. Had she announced her true intentions prior to being elected she knows full well she wouldn’t have won in a Trump district. So she hides behind her principled decision excuse. Which is what all swamp dwellers must do. Hide their true intentions. Doesn’t sell very well to tell the electorate that their belief is that bureaucrats are preferable to make policy over elected officials. The media and education system are just appendages. Swamp dwellers seamlessly transfer amongst the different areas of the swamp. This is why the BLM employees are throwing such a fit about Trump relocating their agency out west where the vast amount of land they control is located. They want to stay near the swamp for that transfer option.

They are being exposed today more than ever with Trump to blame. He really is a threat to their survival. A representative may lose an election to defend it but they are likely to believe other opportunities will present themself for their loyalty. It’s just losing a single battle in the larger war. I would expect more freshmen members of Congress to follow suit. It doesn’t make sense on the surface strategically but these aren’t normal times. We can only imagine what depths the swamp will sink to once Trump is reelected.

No Trump will not be impeached

Is this really necessary? In the age of Google? We have to explain civics to Americans? Ok.

President Trump has not been impeached. Nor will he be after next Wednesday when the House of Representatives votes to charge the President with 2 Articles of Impeachment. Only if the Senate votes to convict on one or both of the 2 charges would the President be impeached and removed from office.

However the Democrat talking points will be to push the narrative that Trump was impeached. If they were to be honest they would say that Trump was charged but not convicted with Articles of Impeachment just as President Clinton was.

Hopefully our youth will at least get a civics lesson they aren’t receiving in their public school indoctrination. Yes, even after the Senate trial next year Trump will still be your President democrats.