Obama responsible for Ukranian airliner shot down by Iran with Russian missiles

Well, why not? That’s the idiotic logic the left is using today to blame it on Trump. The difference is they don’t complete the sentence. If the only reason Iran ‘mistakenly’ shot down a Ukranian commercial airliner is due to their heightened state of alert thanks to Trump ‘assasinating’ Qasem Soleimani, you must go further with the because-because-because logic. Soleimani killed over 600 Americans which led to the Trump response. Where did Soleimani get the money? The U.S. of course. Obama in particular because he chose to return the $150 billion in Iranian assets (Valerie Jarrett influenced anyone?). So there you go. Obama has the blood on his hands of 176 passengers and crew on-board that Ukranian airliner. Just as reasonable as the leftists lining up today to blame it on Trump. And those Iranian assets? Not clear at all that Iran had a clear legal claim to monies used by the Shah to purchase military equipment that was never delivered as it was tied up in a legal dispute.

Why would Iran have anti-aircraft batteries in place at the Tehran commercial airport? Wouldn’t they be in place to take down aircraft straying into Iranian airspace? Certainly wouldn’t protect from an American attack on the airport as they would be useless against stealth technology. At any rate there is more to this story we aren’t being told. It wasn’t a mistake and of course Iran won’t release the black boxes for confirmation. Isn’t it also a convenient coincidence that an earthquake hit an Iranian nuclear facility? Perhaps an American M.O.A.B.(mother of all bombs)bunker buster got a tryout? There is most certainly more afoot here than we know. Add in the fact that Iran tipped off the U.S. and other foreign countries an hour or more ahead of time before they bombed the 2 Iraq sites tells us nothing on the surface is as it seems.

Stay tuned. Hopefully we’ll soon get some real answers as to what is really going on.