From Fox News – Iran admits to ‘unintentionally’ shooting down Ukrainian plane, says it mistook aircraft for hostile target

Iran admits to ‘unintentionally’ shooting down Ukrainian plane, says it mistook aircraft for hostile target

Spellchek must once again play Captain Obvious here and call total bullshit. No, Iran didn’t ‘mistakenly’ identify a commercial airliner as a cruise missile. Really? C’mon, do better! The radar signature of course doesn’t match. And you’re telling me they thought a U.S. cruise missile was just launched from the Tehran airport? Really??? Nobody buys that.

Isn’t it interesting as well that the Iranian military officer quoted sounds like he just left a DNC/left wing media briefing? Complete with standard democrat talking points the blame is placed on Trump due to a heightened readiness level expecting retaliation for the prior attacks on 2 Iraq based U.S. bases. Yes, the same Trump started it garbage by killing Soleimani.

The American left will happily buy this as it supports their narrative. Spellchek has been around far too long to accept the complete incompetence line. Iran watches our politics very closely and monitors our media just as closely. They are well aware playing the fool card is a free pass in this case because they won’t be called on it by our press. All of their official press reports claimed innocence until the day before when they realized the American democrats had provided them with a get out of jail free card. Perhaps, if it hasn’t already, the DNC should include official Iran state run media in on the daily talking points brief?

BTW, want more proof? Here is a link from the press in the Middle East where even Iranians don’t buy the bull and want Khamenei out –