Documented evidence Iran has the bomb

Document PROVES Iran was building nuclear weapon as far back as 2002 via

Wow, who knew? Well, you did if you were reading Spellchek 5 years ago.

It made no sense then as it doesn’t now. Why would Iran suddenly give up their nuclear program after years of sanctions? Easy. They already had one and were simply taking advantage of our community organizer POTUS to get sanctions relief and their $150 billion we’ve heard so much about. Can’t believe it? Israel doesn’t have one either (wink wink) so we’re told.

Now we have documented evidence from Iran from 2002 showing they were working to fit a nuclear warhead to a missile. That’s 13 years before the Obama giveaway. You don’t work on a warhead delivery system if you don’t a warhead. All that’s left for Iran is uranium enrichment processes and delivery system testing. Do they currently have the capability to deliver a functioning warhead? You and I don’t know, do we? But we can use a little critical thinking to see that the evidence shows they were operating many years ahead of where the so-called experts say they were. We should act accordingly.