Apparently CNN is not inclusive of retards and racists – the Trump voters

So Don, let me get this straight. If I say it takes X number of armless kids to screw in a lightbulb you just think the jokes funny? Nothing personal? What if I say how many CNN anchors does it take to equal the IQ of a headless man? Just silly but nothing against CNN anchors? We could go on and on. Stop disgracing yourself even more. Just own it. Be a man. You got caught expressing what goes on behind the scenes everyday at CNN. You absolutely 100% believe that about Trump supporters and that’s why you had to crash your head into the desk with laughter. Hey genius, do you know the capital of Ukraine? How about what it was before it became Ukraine? I’ll give you a dollar for every CNN employee that can name the Amendments to the Constitution. Or tell me how many Federalist Papers were written. Should I just keep my wallet in my pocket Don?