The origin of the Covid-19 flu? Who cares?

What is the origin of the Chinese Flu? Was it a bacteriological weapon that escaped from the lab just a short distance from the Wuhan wet market? Was it transferred by a bat from the Wuhan wet market? Was it the U.S. Army releasing it during an August exercise in China as China claims? Was it a climate change activist with the right connections releasing it to collapse the global economy and help force the transition into a Green New Deal? We don’t know. We also know it doesn’t matter to those who see the opportunity it presents.

Every fringe wackjob on the planet can see a way this catastrophe opens up the door into advancing their narrative. The progressives are in overdrive to take advantage. Make no mistake. If this course of the Covid-19 virus can be extended as much as possible the fallout to the economy can be expanded. The left would like nothing better. If the U.S. economy retracts 50% and the debt is increased by $10 trillion that would be considered a great victory. If the unemployment rate is 30-40% and people’s wealth is decreased by any number it’s a positive to the left. That isn’t conspiracy talk. A large percentage of the public entirely dependent on government is a requirement of the progressive movement. Massive unemployment, bankruptcies, private business failures, private healthcare industry failures leading to medicare-for-all, etc., etc., etc. None of this affects the power brokers pushing for a progressive takeover of the entire country negatively, it only serves to embolden them.

I still hear talk on the right in which people don’t actually believe the left wishes to crush the economy. Don’t be fooled. They are dreaming of it. Not just for the Trump fallout and winning an election. This is much bigger. Keep in mind the left doesn’t weigh the context the same way the right does. It isn’t a morality issue. The right can’t imagine a scenario in which the left can justify hundreds of thousands of deaths just to advance a political cause. Can the left be so callous as to say the ends justify the means so the pain is worth it? Are they that sub-human? I assure you they don’t view it the same. That’s why they call it never let a good crisis go to waste. If a crisis is already occurring anyway they don’t see it as a moral issue at all to interject change. The Trump hatred is just an example of useful idiots. The establishment that is so threatened by an outsider like Trump erasing their cabal of enrichment and power merely takes advantage of all the troops raging against Trump for whatever rankels them. Not that those troops don’t really believe they’re fighting the good fight because they do. They simply can’t see the bigger picture. Those establishment elites are all wise enough to just stand by and let them rage for whatever their narrative is rather than try to align everyone behind their goals.

Not complicated. Without question the left is hoping this virus causes unparalleled damage which will require an unprecedented government response. They can’t get progressive goals through the ballot box. Tragedies such as this provide unique opportunities and you can bet we will see a full court press to take advantage. This tragedy also prevents President Trump with a unique opportunity. He could turn the traditional response on its head. Rather than standing by and allowing Congress to dictate the usual pork-laden stimulus package, Trump should be proactive. Just as a President usually releases a budget prior to Congress unveils their versions, Trump should promote a recovery plan absent the pork. Now is the time to absolutely slash the size of government as a cost savings measure. The public won’t have sympathy for the establishment being kicked to the curb as they are much more concerned with their jobs at home. Public-private partnerships can be a good thing when done properly and enabling the private sector to lead the recovery through easing of regulations and whatever exemptions may be necessary to unleash capitalism. It will take the efficiency and productivity of the private capitalist to grow out of such a hole. Transfer payments redirected through bloated, inefficient government agencies are always a no growth solution. The myth is that only government can provide assistance to the unemployed, the poor, the afflicted. The reality is that at best this provides a meager existence for the receiver and a vastly overpriced burden for the taxpayer. The unemployed is easy. If you simply hand out $600 a week to an unemployed person for up to 4 months on top of state benefits they are likely to stay unemployed for the bulk of the duration. If you incentivize employers instead you’ll get a much better result. Don’t forget those unemployment benefits are taxable income should you think you may be better off with a cash handout. Tax credits extended to employers to hire and retain employees are the better solution. The program must be weighed so that the benefit to an employer outweighs the benefit to an unemployed person. When an employee is working and paying taxes and a company is hiring and successful and paying taxes is far preferable to handouts for basic subsistence. The current government provider approach is to provide a stipend until an unemployed person finds work again. Unfortunately employers only hire when the growth potential is there. Large numbers of unemployed receiving temporary government stipends doesn’t lead any employer to see that as a long-term growth trend. It’s a completely backward approach. Private industry must see the growth or growth potential first before they hire. The government approach is to buy time and hope for growth. Incentivize it. That’s a basic tenet of capitalism. It’s a tough sell. Government should be set up to enable private business growth but instead it exists to empower itself. If Trump is the capitalist he claims, he should sell this to the American people. He can’t sell Washington. Their power is diminished with successful capitalism. He can only help to sell the public so that they can assert the massive influence necessary to force Congress to react in their favor. Can he do it while the country is being devastated by a virus and needs help fast? That’s the difference between a legend with a legacy that will dwarf all others and just another placeholder civil servant who couldn’t enact change when it mattered most against the greatest political foe there ever was.

The pandemic solution is very politically incorrect

Thought about writing an extensive deep dive into what the real problem is behind this latest pandemic. Then I thought, why, there’s no need. It’s actually very short and uncomplicated. Why can’t we slow the spread of a virus brought here from another country? Money. There isn’t enough at the state or federal level allocated to do so. Why isn’t there enough money? Politicians. There, that was easy, wasn’t it? Thanks for your patronage, have a nice day.

All right if you’re still here you may wish for a bit more insight. For a country to be prepared for a foreign threat it must adhere to financial responsibility. We should have no debt as a country. Live within your means. Balanced budget. Prioritize border security and supplying the necessary equipment in advance to react quickly to a threat. This isn’t complicated. No different than you would or should do in your own life. Be fiscally responsible at all times and have a line of credit arranged in advance for unforeseen circumstances. Have a layered set of protections in place in advance. This is no different than you would do for any foreign threat be it human, goods and services, militarily, etc.

Had we done that ahead of time when we could have, mitigating the spread of a biological threat such as the COVID-19 virus would have been far easier and more efficient. The answer is not what we’re witnessing now. Hyper-partisan politics that weave in alternate narratives rather than simply addressing the problem at hand. Pork barrel spending, payoffs to special interests and lobbyists, and deficit spending beyond comprehension. If you wish to avoid a similar situation in the future in which politicians can attach an endless list of pork barrel projects to a vital stimulus bill then you must eliminate the debt and have a balanced budget. The border and the necessary medical safety and testing equipment should already be in place. Provisional plans for additional bed space and any other potential equipment should have already been litigated.

The drastic spend whatever it takes approach or the government is the backstop that all Americans must turn to in a time of turmoil is a recipe for disaster. Whatever control you had you quickly lose and a massive array of alternate agendas dictates the response. You would never wish to run your life that way and the standard denial that 350 million people demands nothing else is just wrong. Proper preparedness is what invalidates the need for a haphazard response. It can be done. However, it cannot be done under our current political climate. The powers that be would never allow it. This logical approach is a direct threat to their existence and power base. It’s a problem not solvable by either political party for that very reason. It comes down to the priorities of the people. To achieve the radical change necessary to make these changes would take a revolution, a takeover of your own government. You can’t vote it in. No one likes to speak that way but being in denial of reality won’t change a thing. Which is why the cycle seemingly never ends. Regardless of the party in power, the spending and debt only increases. Not a chance in the world either party has the stomach or the political capital to meaningfully reduce either the spending or the debt. It would be certain political suicide to do so. Even more unpleasant to consider is that politicians and the political system aren’t our only enemy. Each other are as well. Take away the government lifeline from anyone utilizing it and you know how people will react when their livelihood is threatened.

It’s the only way. Those who die from this never have another chance. Those who are economically devastated may never recover. The country itself will only be weakened by this, not strengthened. Any organism that continues to take damage eventually reaches its breaking point. Same for the country. I can’t tell you nor can anyone else where that breaking point is but we are no doubt on a path to reach it. We don’t know when this phase of this virus will slow so more stimulus may be necessary. We know additional phases will also come just like the common flu which might require more drastic action. We don’t know what other pandemics are heading our way. When you don’t know you prepare but our politics in this country don’t allow a unified stance. Sorry folks but there is no hope for big brother to be the umbrella protector so many wish it could be. Responsibility is an individualism virtue not a collective one. Collectivism defined means reliance. While it may defy logic somewhat, a nation of prepared individuals is much stronger than a nation of reliant individuals. Holding our elected officials to account and not allowing them to dictate to us what our policies will be is an absolute necessity to keep them in check and not allow us to get to the weak state we are now in. The ability of our Fed to print money is not a strength. Having a rock solid fiscal policy and balance sheet is strength. That’s what would give us the flexibility to respond to the unforeseen as you can’t prepare for everything. Without question we could have been far better prepared but again it has to be a priority of the people. It is not. Keep electing republicans and democrats and we’ll know your priorities haven’t changed. The truth isn’t always pleasant. Please refer back to this post as often as you wish in the future as an I told you so because it will only get worse.

Coronavirus has forever changed society

We now have precedent. With the next pandemic and each one after that we should expect a response like this at a minimum. Faster and more in depth based upon the clamoring we’re hearing about Coronavirus. The media pushed their fear narrative to force an economic disaster as it’s the only chance they have to defeat Trump. However it comes with a cost. If the left is in power when the next virus hits they will have to meet or exceed the new standard they’ve set.

This means ALL public gatherings across the country must be shutdown en masse simultaneously. No exaggeration or overreaction. That’s their narrative they forced upon the public and the public bought it. Look no further than the toilet paper wars. Every sporting event. Every school. Every government facility short of essential personnel. On and on. This includes family and friends events. There are no limits once you’ve crossed that line. Should you seek exemption remember that the narrative demands self-accountability. If you don’t comply the machine breaks down. The whole ripple effect. Public shaming should be sure to follow if you’re the one responsible for the spread of an infectious deadly disease.

That’s where we are now and you can’t put the genie back in the bottle. Bailouts will be demanded. Economic stimulus. The Fed financial stimulus. Open ended paid sick leave. Free testing and treatment. In other words each and every person, company and organization must be made whole again. It’s not their fault. They didn’t start the fire so they shouldn’t be penalized. The payee on the hook for all of these future reparations? The good old American taxpayer. You’ll be paying yourself to some extent but the expectation is a wealth transfer from the top down.

This isn’t my opinion. It is now policy. This was a crisis too good to waste and we are forever burdened with the fallout. It would be political suicide for an office holder to stray from the new rules. That goes for all public and private organizations. To do otherwise will be all the usual calls of racism, uncaring, partisanship etc.. So get used to the new norm. We haven’t even finished setting the baseline yet. We’ll find that out when we see just how far the country will go to act safe from this virus.

How can anyone question the cost either financially or socially? It’s a perfect storm because it will always be what could have been. How much worse if we hadn’t done this or that. You certainly can’t be too safe when taking precautions from an unpredictable virus spread. There’s no such thing as too much. Any cost can be justified by pointing out how we stopped what could have been. The world in which we live in has truly changed. The conspiracy nuts who predict these sorts of things will feel redeemed after this one.