Race policing is coming to America

Does anything look more ridiculous than a groupie rioter wearing a mask? Violent protesting while practicing Chinese Flu safety? Since when did political correctness take over dissent? Destroying cars and buildings and looting is and has never been effective protesting, it’s just opportunistic criminals at work. We can’t look at this through the narrow lens of white law enforcement systemic racism against the black community. Lots of other stakeholders involved here from the media to the racism industry who jump on board just as when there is a mass killing and the gun grabbers come out or even a weather event where the climate change activists deploy. It’s never that simple.

Ask the rioters what they want. You will hear it needs to stop. How do you stop it? That’s what’s coming next. You will hear that law enforcement must abide by race policing. All law enforcement agencies must have adequate representation from all ethnicities and races in a community to eliminate cross race law enforcement. Blacks will police blacks, whites on whites, latino on latino, etc., etc. Now you can research crime statistics and find that this perception of white on black law enforcement bias is false but that doesn’t fit the narrative. While George Floyd was being murdered in Minneapolis a female white cop in Detroit was shot by two black men. Didn’t even make the news outside the local area. Not the same you say because she wasn’t killed? Can you guarantee me those two guys that shot her didn’t intend to? Intent is what matters, not the result.

America has been under assault from the progressive division mandate for decades. We now see it with each and every incident that involves a progressive mandate. Divide and conquer. They are absolutely ecstatic that the country self-implodes over and over. They still haven’t achieved their Holy Grail’s in the wish list. No single gun incident has been enough to tip the country into surrendering their weapons. No weather catastrophe great enough to go all in on climate change. No racism event tragic enough to enact change. But they keep getting closer. The George Floyd tragedy will be yet another step. Growing government. Setting aside personal liberties in for the greater good. Watch and see as policing by skin color or ethnicity or religion becomes the new narrative. If systemic racism cannot be eliminated, this will be the next best thing. Law enforcement will only be able to arrest their own. You can be sure industrial racists like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are already at work planning what happens beyond when the need to keep racism alive will be paramount.

Can you imagine the confusion if the George Young murder by cop has this wrinkle added in?

What if George Young, the guy in Minneapolis who tragically died, had COVID-19? What will the cause of death be? Would all of this rioting and civil unrest be because of a virus? As we know, deaths across the country are being attributed to COVID-19 simply because the victim had it regardless of what actually killed them. The coroner has already ruled that traumatic asphyxia or strangulation were not the cause of death. Instead it is said a combination of underlying health conditions along with drug use compounded with the cop pressing his knee into the poor guys throat for 8 minutes is what likely killed him. Could the underlying health conditions be COVID-19? I have no idea. I just wonder what the official cause of death will be in this contorted world we live in. Hopefully the second autopsy being ordered by the family will clarify. Can you imagine the variety of interpretations of such a ruling? People are already blaming Trump or systemic police racism for his death. What if the cop walks away free because of a health condition related ruling as the cause of death? The rioting were seeing now would just be a warmup to what would come.

Michigan court upholds Whitmer’s power to extend stay-at-home order – CBS News


Sorry Michigan Court of Appeals. You are clearly wrong. The fact is that no state or local governing authority has any authority to implement policy that trumps the Constitution. Period. End of discussion. ONLY the Executive branch with legislation passed by Congress granting authority can suspend guaranteed Constitutional rights in the advent of an emergency. You may hear the argument that our Constitution is a limiting document that only grants specific powers to the Federal government. All other power is defaulted to the States. Thus the argument that the Governors have such broad powers. However the correct interpretation is that all defaulted powers lies within the people, the governed. That is the basis of the Bill of Rights and the Amendments. In other words if the President’s authority is limited by statute then so is the State’s. It isn’t an either or proposition. Power always defaults to the people first except where specified in Constitutional law. A long winded way of saying the Governors have no authority, even if granted by a State legislature, to suspend our Constitutionally guaranteed rights. Sorry Whitmer, you have no say.

California Gov. blames debt on COVID-19

Gov. Gavin Newsome has both hands out begging for a bailout claiming it is the Federal Government ethical and moral responsibility to pay for California’s fiscal mismanagement.

TAPPER: So, the position of the White House seems to be that any money for states would be premature. What’s your response, sir?

NEWSOM: Well, it’s not charity. I mean, a year ago, Jake, we were running a $21.5 billion surplus. And here we are at $54.3 billion budget deficit that is directly COVID- induced. We have been managing our budget effectively, efficiently, paying down our long-term pension obligations. We had a bond rating that went up twice last year, the highest in decades. So, we’re not looking for charity. We’re not looking for handouts. It’s social responsibility, at a time when states not just California, large and small, all across this country, cities, and counties, large and small, all across this country are facing unprecedented budgetary stress. It is incumbent upon the federal government to help support these states through this difficult time.

Really Governor? A $75 billion dollar turnaround in the state budget not counting the $15 billion dollar handout you just received from the CARES Act? From a virus that started any meaningful cost factor just 2 months ago? Of course nobody buys that. Nor do they buy your numbers. In fact your debt is far, far worse than you’re letting on.

We estimate that California’s total state and local government debt as of June 30, 2017 totaled just over $1.5 trillion. That total includes all outstanding bonds, loans, and other long-term liabilities, along with the officially reported unfunded liability for other post-employment benefits (primarily retiree healthcare), as well as unfunded pension liabilities. This represents a rise of about $200 billion – or 15% – over our last debt analysis, in January 2017.
What gives Gavin? You blame COVID-19 for a $75 billion hole in the budget since last year yet your policies add $200 billion in unfunded liabilities in just 6 months. Your claim for moral and ethical debt relief has no merit whatsoever when your policies have no consideration for funding accountability. The proverbial kicking of the can down the road. Sorry but the rest of the country has no responsibility at all for paying off your promises. But Spellchek, what about the scores of employees who are counting on those pensions now and in the future? You can’t expect them to bear responsibility for poor fiscal management. No one is claiming there is a get out of jail free card here. Someone must pay for politicians that make impossible promises for future generations to deal with. But why should taxpayers with no skin in the game at all be tagged with the bill? The idea here is the tremendous pain that would be inflicted on so many by dramatically reducing their pensions is supposed to be the wake up call for voters. It is the voters that put these people in place who are so irresponsible with the state budgets. Voters should take heed of the saying that elections have consequences. Voters should hold elected officials accountable when those promises are made. In short, we all need to be paying attention to what these people are promising government employees and stop it early on when it’s not too late. Only an educated electorate that does their own research will ever be successful at this. If you rely upon the press to do your investigative journalism for you then you have already lost as the media is broken and part of the cabal. So yes, as painful as it will be for the employees, they must take the hit. Fair isn’t an option here. Humans always have to learn from mistakes and this is no exception. If you’re one of those affected employees I hope you’re pissed off as hell and take to the streets to let your elected officials know. If you don’t nothing changes for anybody and we will wash, rinse, repeat.