Michigan court upholds Whitmer’s power to extend stay-at-home order – CBS News


Sorry Michigan Court of Appeals. You are clearly wrong. The fact is that no state or local governing authority has any authority to implement policy that trumps the Constitution. Period. End of discussion. ONLY the Executive branch with legislation passed by Congress granting authority can suspend guaranteed Constitutional rights in the advent of an emergency. You may hear the argument that our Constitution is a limiting document that only grants specific powers to the Federal government. All other power is defaulted to the States. Thus the argument that the Governors have such broad powers. However the correct interpretation is that all defaulted powers lies within the people, the governed. That is the basis of the Bill of Rights and the Amendments. In other words if the President’s authority is limited by statute then so is the State’s. It isn’t an either or proposition. Power always defaults to the people first except where specified in Constitutional law. A long winded way of saying the Governors have no authority, even if granted by a State legislature, to suspend our Constitutionally guaranteed rights. Sorry Whitmer, you have no say.