Can you imagine the confusion if the George Young murder by cop has this wrinkle added in?

What if George Young, the guy in Minneapolis who tragically died, had COVID-19? What will the cause of death be? Would all of this rioting and civil unrest be because of a virus? As we know, deaths across the country are being attributed to COVID-19 simply because the victim had it regardless of what actually killed them. The coroner has already ruled that traumatic asphyxia or strangulation were not the cause of death. Instead it is said a combination of underlying health conditions along with drug use compounded with the cop pressing his knee into the poor guys throat for 8 minutes is what likely killed him. Could the underlying health conditions be COVID-19? I have no idea. I just wonder what the official cause of death will be in this contorted world we live in. Hopefully the second autopsy being ordered by the family will clarify. Can you imagine the variety of interpretations of such a ruling? People are already blaming Trump or systemic police racism for his death. What if the cop walks away free because of a health condition related ruling as the cause of death? The rioting were seeing now would just be a warmup to what would come.