Judicial Watch uncovers emails showing Ben Rhodes and aides joking about Benghazi lies – American Thinker


Former National Security Advisor for Barack Hussein Obama, Ben Rhodes, had the most honest line ever in this email exchange. It perfectly encapsulates the entire left wing media in all their glory.

From Sept. 27, 2012 at 11:32pm. “Look at it this way. It could be worse. You could be a career bureaucrat whose greatest thrill in life is leaking half-truths, self-justifications and out right lies to the likes of Eli Lake, Kim Dozier, and whoever picks up the phone at Fox News.”

Pure honesty. Truth serum couldn’t do a better job. It is the left wing media to a tee. The swamp in all its glory. Lies and deception along with justifying yourself to yourself. I think Rhodes should get a Pulitzer just for this one particular quote. Although completely unintended as Rhodes is a farcical joke, he identified the world he lives in beautifully. The left should really take a bow and just own it.

NASCAR ends controversy on Noosegate…or have they?

Below are the originals for your comparison

What’s clear? The NASCAR rope is a typical tan or yellowish rope. The photo on the right is a much smaller white cord which is typical of every garage door pull anywhere in the world. How did a tan/yellow rope become a white cord? Look at the amount of ‘extra’ rope needed to form the noose. This was supposedly cut off. Garage pulls are intentionally made just long enough to reach when the door is open so you can reach it to close it. Extra rope length would get in the way and just be a trip hazard. Look, what’s obvious here is that the noose rope was put in place just for the photo. It was not the original pull cord formed into a noose. In other words, a setup. Who did it? NASCAR to push their newfound woke political agenda? Maybe. A member of the Wallace team in similar fashion to the Jussie Smollett hoax? Maybe. Not a clue unless more evidence comes to light. What does seem certain is that the noose photo designed to end the controversy has only made it worse. It’s been reported that the noose photo is a stillshot from a video. Let’s see the video. And why would NASCAR let Bubba Wallace hang in the breeze defending himself for days only to then issue another statement accepting responsibility for being embarrassed? If they always had the photo, why not release it early on before Wallace flipped from being assured to embarrassed? Still smells like a rat.

FBI says rope had been in Talladega garage since October; Bubba Wallace not victim of hate crime


Finish the sentence. What you meant to say is that Bubba Wallace was not the victim of a hate crime but the general public was. Why? When a Bubba Wallace team member initiates the fake report and NASCAR sees it as an opportunity to be woke, they are both guilty. Gee NASCAR, where are you? Remember when you promised to ban for life and prosecute whoever was responsible for the noose? Turn yourselves in. Do the right thing.

Left-Wing Shaun King: Tear Down ‘White Supremacy’ Statues of Jesus


Spellchek is not unlike many others in that we utilize multiple media formats to rant away on. Without question the largest volume of blowback I get on topics is religion. Particularly when you simplify an issue to its lowest common denominator. This really irritates people because it minimizes their importance to the big picture. Tell people that they really don’t have free will and that the end of times is foretold this makes them uncomfortable. As if no matter what they do or say it has no impact. That’s untrue, a flawed view. It’s just that everyone’s actions and reactions have already been accounted for. After all this is the only way there could ever be an end that is foretold. Now if you don’t buy any of that it’s fine, it doesn’t matter, it still just is. A long winded way to get to the point. In the great flowchart of life, at the top is the battle between good vs. evil. God vs. Satan. Shaun King is the most famous black lives matter spokesman. Calling for the destruction of statues of Jesus is crystal clear. The hand of Satan. Working through Shaun King. Hey, I’m a sinner just like Shaun King, just like every human and no better than anyone else. But I can recognize evil at work. Gee, did I just make some people really mad?

Summer of love we hardly knew ya – tyrannical Seattle mayor declares war on CHOP attempting to infiltrate and takeover a neutral country

Seattle will move to dismantle ‘CHOP’ zone after shootings, mayor says https://www.foxnews.com/us/seattle-will-move-to-dismantle-chop-zone-after-shootings-mayor-says

Where is the U.N.? N.A.T.O.? Good Lord, at least the superheroes of the League of Nations? Will no one come to the aid of this defenseless country? Will the rapper Warlord defend his borders or just stand down and allow the former downtown Seattle to return to its systemic racist ways? So many questions. Perhaps instead of a future life of eating gruel in gulags for their war crimes the mayor will allow community service and let these harmless protesters spend the summer cleaning up their mess?

John Bolton exhaustive book review

Once again Spellchek has done the heavy lifting for you the beloved reader and reviewed John Bolton’s hit job money grab for you so you don’t have to waste your precious time or money. “In the room” is summed up perfectly above. Nothing new. Nothing relevant. Particularly from a career swamp dweller that would like nothing better than to bomb every square inch of the planet. In fact, one could make a compelling case that the entire Bolton employment was a fabrication merely to write this book. Yet another swamp plant designed to take down Trump with ‘insider’ knowledge. Without a doubt this is Trump’s weakest link. Identifying and properly vetting staff who’s motives are suspect. People like Bolton should be obvious with ‘career swamp dweller’ tattooed right on their forehead.