Mississippi’s Republican governor explains why herd immunity is not a ‘realistic solution’


What do I think Governor? I think I’m not even a ‘math’ guy as you are nor am I a medical expert. But I can use common sense. Your hypothesis makes two claims that are suspect. You say the Mississippi infection rate would triple every day for a year. That’s great for solving a math problem. It would never happen that way in the real world. It wouldn’t be linear with a nice evenly spaced out 3,187 cases daily as your assumption claims. The whole idea of herd immunity is to have a large amount of infections early on with ever dwindling numbers as time goes by. So you say ah-ha, that’s the problem! The health system would be overwhelmed with a large number of infections early on as I stated. Which brings me to my second point. Your assuming those 3,187 cases each day will end up as a hospitalization. This never happens either, not with the flu or any other infectious disease. People get sick at various levels of severity. Some test positive without ever knowing they had it. Some know but just stay home and call in sick until they get better. Nothing new here. The point being there won’t be a steady stream of 3,187 people headed to the emergency room daily as your example assumes. This is how a society doesn’t break down by attempting to quarantine itself against a disease which causes a whole host of other problems when it does. Protect the most vulnerable. Take some responsibility to protect yourself. Gee Governor, you’re a ‘math’ guy. How about you crunch some numbers as to the long-term effects on society for our economy and our mental well-being from the extended shutdown so many are calling for? Then we’ll talk.