All your questions answered Mark

Hey genius, I’ve got your answers you demanded. Now! Do you suppose the NYPD is smart enough to know that your ‘peaceful protesters’ (aka rioters) would destroy a marked police vehicle? You know, in the interests of social justice? Just as uniformed police would be attacked with all types of objects? You see Mark, when your side plays games as you are with your feigned outrage, people adapt. They change tactics. To keep themselves and public property safe. As you know. So just go away quietly. It’s a really bad look. We see through you. Everybody’s in on it. We know, you know, we know you know, you know we know you know. And on and on. You think you’re appealing to some segment of undecided voters to sway them but it’s only your hard-core, partisans that are cheering you on. In case you’re completely ignorant the election has already been decided. The votes are in. No minds will be changed between now and election day. So take the rest of the summer off and enjoy life in our great country. In November you can either resume your end of the world Trump derangement syndrome or join in the destruction of America.