So Biden plagiarized his own speech from 2008…or is it even more sinister?

There May Be Another Person who Biden Plagiarized His DNC Speech From as This Hilarious Video Shows – this from RedState –

Now it’s ridiculous enough that the Biden speechwriters could no better than regurgitate the 2008 speech but then you watch it and see he’s even wearing the same suit and tie. OMG, what if Creepy Joe never even left his basement? What if the special effects wizards just worked a little graphics magic and video shopped his 2008 speech into the 2020 convention? I mean, did anyone actually see him give the speech due to COVID-19 restrictions? Can we start a rumor that Biden has already been committed to the insane asylum and Kamala Harris really will be President immediately since she’ll be ready on day one as proud Joe tries to sell us in his ads? Fact is no one left or right cares at all what Biden says in his speeches from 2008 or 2020. He’s just a shill for all things big government and literally has nothing to say that is an original thought. Not one single person on the planet is undecided about whether or not to vote for Biden. All minds are made up and now we just play this ridiculous game of conventions and campaign ads until November. They should just trot out a cardboard Biden figure like they’re using at baseball games these days. No one would care and it wouldn’t change a single vote.