Are celebrities really on the verge of giving up their social influence?

The calls are growing louder for celebrity entertainers and athletes to boycott and strike in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. It may be a colossal mistake with permanent ramifications. Even Barack Obama knows this and at least temporarily talked the NBA off the ledge from canceling the rest of their season. The math is easy here. Rich, famous, spoiled elites like Hollywood entertainers and sports athletes hold a perceived aura of influence because it’s part of the fantasy. The average Joe cannot ever hope to perform as they do. Only when they perform are their thoughts and opinions valued greater than others. It’s part of the mystique that fascinates fans who simply can’t do what they do. Take that away by ‘punishing’ us with their absence and their voice is lost in the vast sea of protesters calling for change. That is literally what is being called for by media partisans. To punish. That the white race doesn’t deserve to enjoy black performers. That’s where the math is easy. No performance=no influence. That was Obama’s message. Lost in the calculation by protesters is the values of the target audience. We have to remember this entire movement against systemic racism is based on money. The racism industry has always been. Reparations and redistribution of taxpayer money is the goal. That goes for all players. Black Lives Matter Marxists may have power as there main plank of their movement but controlling wealth is always paramount in the quest for power. Which brings us back to celebrity influence. It’s power. Control of society demands compliance of the man on the street and that can be accomplished by fear or adulation. Rioters are utilizing fear. Celebrities require adulation. Take away the performance and the adulation diminishes or transforms into scorn or the worst outcome of all for celebrities, inconsequence. Their egos can’t handle it. LeBron James doesn’t like being told to shut up and dribble. He really won’t like no one caring if he dribbles or not. It’s a seminal moment in the future of celebrity influence. They are trying to convince Americans who aren’t racist and have no connection to racism of the past to pick up the tab. Overreach here may be devastating to their futures.