Bye America we hardly knew ya

The greatest industrialized nation in history. The most powerful military ever. The strongest economy ever recorded. The greatest advancements in technology, science and medicine by far. The first empire to set foot on the moon. The ongoing space exploration that has easily exceeded all who have come before. One could go on and on and on. Yet is doomed. The greatest achievements of mankind will also be destroyed by mankind. No, this isn’t a silly climate change ultimatum. Just a recognition of the limitations of mankind.

Unfortunately, all too often I find myself at this point in which I really wonder why I bother with any social media platforms. My thoughts aren’t even opinion, just recognition of reality. It won’t make a bit of difference in the big scheme. One would hope enough people would collectively realize what is happening and come together to make a difference. It’s as if those with the capacity to recognize where America is heading also realize it’s simply too overwhelming to act meaningfully. Sounds pretty defeatist, huh? Maybe not, read on to the very end.

The flashing red warning lights are blinding. The driver of everything America is the economy. Period. All of our accomplishments are because the strength of the economy provided the means. It is an undeniable fact that our debt will crash our economy. Can’t tell you when. No rationale human can look at it and tell you it’s sustainable. Just servicing the debt alone will result in interest payments that are staggering. As they say, there’s no free lunch. All debts are always paid. Either by the debtor, the creditor or a third party. No debt ever goes unpaid. America’s will also be paid. Likely by a combination of the above. The results will be catastrophic. It isn’t an easy concept. Who owns the debt, who will be on the receiving end when that debt is paid and why will it be bad at all? Then you have to have an understanding of concepts like the velocity of money (basically how fast it revolves throughout an economy) and why the distribution of wealth is so important to keeping an economy revolving. Those concepts and many more are way past the scope of a blog post. However we can all easily understand why inflation is bad. Inflating the value of a dollar without a corresponding increase in the value of the good or service simply means you get less for your money. And somewhere in the mix the profiteers get involved to extract their wealth from that inflated value of money. Again, too complicated to go into the whole banking cabal and who’s been profiting for so long at the expense of your buying power. The point is inflation of the value of money and selling debt to third parties to prop up fake growth is eventually a dead end road. Shuffling the chairs on the deck of the Titanic and all that good stuff. It has to end eventually and it can only end badly. The only sure thing in all of this is that day will come.

Call it the greed of man. Call it the ignorance of the man being hoodwinked. Some may say worse yet are those who profit off both. Every economic boom or bust has winners and losers and the really good ones make money off both parties winning or losing. Politicians anyone? The power trippers profit off of control and unfortunately the vast majority of our ideological debates in society today are really just shifting the goalposts for who makes money and how. The suckers are the true believers who think their values are actually being debated amongst the political elites. Do you think the national conversation on political party ideology is actually based on solving the issues of citizens? Are you out of your mind? So many committed ideologues and partisan hacks out there pushing their party platform as if the betterment of society is the goal. Maybe they actually believe there is a place in the hierarchy for them on the other side if they make enough noise. The silly Pelosi hairdo scandal illustrates it well. It isn’t just her opponents she’s laughing at, it’s her own supporters as well as they don’t realize the pawns they are. There is no seat at the table for them either.

There is no one, repeat no one, in a position of real influence that is stopping the train to destruction were on. Democrats and progressives don’t even realize they’re on the train. They are hopeless. There are some on the right who might know they’re on the train but they have no idea where the brake lever is located. This includes Trump. Not to be too harsh on the guy but he really has no chance. The electorate is uninformed or illiterate or both. Trump has to play the game of politics to get elected and reelected. By definition that means he can’t be serious about solving our nations real debt problem. It will never sell on Main Street. The austerity measures required to harness the spending and then ultimately to pay down the debt are unrealistic to a population accustomed to the good life. This even goes for our downtrodden and poor, our suppressed and discriminated, everyone has skin in the game here. No matter how bad they think they have it, it could easily be far worse and may just get there. The only person with a chance at selling extreme austerity is one who comes on board after the crash. Trump has to promise never ending greatness to get elected. He has to sell his ‘accomplishments’ for maintaining our way of life. The August unemployment numbers just came out at 8.4% (better than ‘expected’). The media discards the story entirely as it’s pro-Trump. The right screams hey, look over here! Just remember, when the same labor department kept producing ever lower numbers under Obama, the right continually pointed out the accounting methods. Such as working one hour a month to count as employed. Always pointing out the U-6 methodology for a truer picture of unemployment. Those same methods are still being utilized, it just depends on where you fall politically on what you emphasize. If you can’t trust them as being fair when the opposition party is in power you also must discount them when your party is in power. It’s always lipstick on a pig.

Ponzi schemes always work. Until they don’t anymore. That’s America. We don’t have true growth because the debt factor isn’t calculated into the equation. You hear economists talk of what a dollar will buy you today compared to some other year in inflation adjusted dollars. What a shock to the system it would be if economists talked in complete sentences. Value our wealth not just on the current value of the dollar but with the debt factored in. You either pay off the debt or devalue your money supply to pay it. Either way isn’t free. If you live in a $250k house you don’t say your net worth includes that $250k house without discounting the mortgage. Even then who calculates the true cost you pay for that house after 30 years of mortgage payments and interest? Not hard to have a negative net worth when you start calculating the true cost of things. Politicians have absolutely zero interest in going there. The left rages that the post office must now account for the long-term costs associated with retirement for postal workers. They see that as an issue for future generations in which workers will be paying for legacy costs associated with retirees. They don’t like bringing into focus the true, total cost of programs long-term. Tax cuts are viewed as spending cuts since as much government cheese isn’t available to dole out. Accordingly, spending less is touted as a tax cut. Spending is called investment. All funny math for the easily corrupted. I’m not sure about you but using my tax money for ‘investments’ in which I’ll likely never see a return on is called charity. Charity for the greater good of society if you will but call it what it is. All to make the point that we aren’t having a discussion of apples to apples. Honest politicians would point out that our spending exceeds our revenue and our debt is beyond our ability to pay. No matter how much ‘good’ you’re trying to do in the world if you’re irresponsible when going about it you become a burden as well. The woke in America are chasing after a disappearing pie. Ah, if only we knew when that day would be. The only escape would be to grow our way out with true wealth and then have politicians in place that wouldn’t just spend more, but pay it off. Impossible.

America, you had a great run. You’re only downfall was letting the inmates run the asylum. When your eulogy is written let it be said that there can be too much of a good thing as it will eventually eat itself. Whether that’s a few years or decades from now no one on earth knows but it is as sure a bet as you’ll ever make. I don’t know yet if my blogosphere days are over but if so take these words of wisdom with you. In a country of 350 million, in a world of over 7 billion people, if it’s God’s will your one voice might be the one that makes the difference so preach on!

Nancy Pelosi: The Salon Set Me Up, ‘Owes Me an Apology’

Hmmm…I’m confused, are you? The salon set her up? Pelosi clearly scheduled her appointment voluntarily. She was not kidnapped and forced to go. The salon told her one person at a time could be accommodated. She only counts as one as far as I can see. To summarize, she reached and scheduled the appointment and the salon completed the service. Where’s the setup? You mean the security footage of the public utilized all the time by the salon? It wasn’t installed specifically to monitor Pelosi. No audio was recorded. 100% legal under California law. And no, Pelosi has no legal claim to the footage of herself if you wonder if she could demand it remain private. So no set up, no laws broken, only an inconvenient expose of a hypocrite. Pelosi is mad she got caught, not that she did it thus the comical take that the salon owes her an apology. Hypocrites don’t like being exposed. When it’s so blatant that they can’t spin it, it leaves a serious mark. She shouldn’t worry. Her supporting sheep won’t hold it against her.