Nancy Pelosi: The Salon Set Me Up, ‘Owes Me an Apology’

Hmmm…I’m confused, are you? The salon set her up? Pelosi clearly scheduled her appointment voluntarily. She was not kidnapped and forced to go. The salon told her one person at a time could be accommodated. She only counts as one as far as I can see. To summarize, she reached and scheduled the appointment and the salon completed the service. Where’s the setup? You mean the security footage of the public utilized all the time by the salon? It wasn’t installed specifically to monitor Pelosi. No audio was recorded. 100% legal under California law. And no, Pelosi has no legal claim to the footage of herself if you wonder if she could demand it remain private. So no set up, no laws broken, only an inconvenient expose of a hypocrite. Pelosi is mad she got caught, not that she did it thus the comical take that the salon owes her an apology. Hypocrites don’t like being exposed. When it’s so blatant that they can’t spin it, it leaves a serious mark. She shouldn’t worry. Her supporting sheep won’t hold it against her.