Is the 2020 election the most inconsequential ever?

Sorry folks, despite all the hubbub about it being the most important election of our lifetimes, it really is irrelevant. If the Democrats win we’ll see destruction of our culture and our country due to policy. If the Republicans win we’ll see destruction of our culture and our country due to activism. If nothing else the 4 year attack on Trump has exposed the swamp for its depth. It’s a cancer that has spread across the country and infiltrated every aspect of our lives. The heartbeat of it all is our political system. It drives every movement regardless of their goals. The solution, the only possible solution, remains overhauling it.

From the Declaration of Independence – “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

We’ve arrived. It’s time to take heed of Thomas Jefferson’s words and alter, not abolish, our Government. Trump fan? Republican? Conservative? Libertarian? Christian? Constitutionalist? Sorry, winning this or any election, holding any combination of the 3 branches of Government, this won’t reverse the slippery slope we’re on. Democrat? Liberal? Media? Academic? Scientist? Socialist? Progressive? Marxist? Communist? Fascist? Sorry suckers, you still can’t see how power works. There is no seat at the table for you either if Capitalism and the United States is dismantled. Power exists only at the highest levels of Government and all the lapdogs are fighting over the handouts. As long as your movement is useful to them, you’ll get fed. Once it isn’t, you’ll be discarded. There’s a long, long list of topics to examine that were once all the rage and are now no longer part of the discussion. None of this will change regardless of the party in power until structural change is forced upon Government.

Fiscal responsibility is not even discussed by either major political party anymore. Used to be they brought it up when the other party was in power. Now it’s taboo. Worried about Judges? Think having a majority in the SCOTUS matters? Judicial activism is the norm and court packing is now considered a feasible option. The 3 branches were designed to be checks on each others power yet we see all 3 legislating and interpreting law. In other words, they are hopelessly out of control and have become destructive. Their power is self-derived and they will absolutely not cede it unless they are given no choice. A divided country is ideal for a tyrannical political body to be the ultimate authority on a society. They are charged with disbursing the wealth and determining the winners and losers throughout our entire culture. We the little people destroy each other with politicians controlling the puppet strings. None of this is my opinion. Reality doesn’t require my or anyone’s acknowledgement.

Wish to stop it? How badly? What are you willing to give up? What is it really worth? You will pay a steep price. You’ve all heard the drill. Term limits. Taken a step further should be lifetime civil service limits in any elected or appointed capacity. That doesn’t include the poor schlub just making a living at a Government job. They don’t make policy nor are they in a position to profit from it. Elected or appointed positions must all be temporary, non-career openings. No pension. No lifetime health care or benefits after leaving office. While serving? Sure, no reason they can’t be appropriately compensated for important jobs. But the career incentive must go away. Of course lobbyists and special interests money and other incentives has to stop. In short, civil servants need to go back to their original intent or serving the public interest and that’s it. They should reflect the desires of their constituents regardless of their own personal interests. Elections with candidates tripping all over each to see who can give us the most need to end. They should be about integrity and who will vote for the majority will of their constituents and nothing else. Their power to shape society and culture must end.

Accomplish this and the swamp framework collapses. The incentive is gone. America can evolve into whatever a majority of its people determines. Did I mention this would be extremely difficult to do? Just imagine the pushback from those in power who don’t wish to give it up. Marches and advertising campaigns and peaceful protesting is fruitless. Americans will have to physically take over their governing institutions at the federal and state levels and be willing to accept whatever fallout comes with it. Who can predict how bad that would get? No one with accuracy. Yet it’s the only way to ever get politicians to step aside and be replaced with those who will play by the new rules.

Of course we need balanced budgets. This won’t be nearly as difficult as one would think once the general fund cesspool is eliminated. Spellchek has been in favor of earmarks forever. Absolutely every dollar should be accounted for and earmarking where tax dollars go is the minimum method of accountability. Any form of general fund opens up the opportunity for corruption and politicians have certainly proven they can’t be trusted with that amount of discretion on where the monies go. We could go on and on and on about the benefits of an accountable and responsive Government.

By the way, many of you have views I don’t personally agree with. Taking the reins of power away from politicians doesn’t diminish your ability to lobby your cause. It’s simply removing the middleman from the power structure. As I stated before, your interests are only on their radar as long as you are beneficial to them. If not, you have no value. You are told constantly that your enemy is your neighbor with a different background. Maybe it’s the power elite that benefit regardless? The social media destruction of those with an opposing view is gold for politicians. Just look at the ever evolving platforms of our major political parties over time. Your views might be flavor of the month now but they are all temporary and your cause may win today but be outlawed in the future. Roe vs. Wade anyone?

There you have it. Yet another election that is the most important of our lives. The world will end for the losing party. The day after (well usually but this is 2020 so we’ll see) the election the next campaign begins. With such great power at stake we are in a perpetual campaign and thus subject to all the divisive politics everyone hates. As long as America allows the puppet masters to control the strings it won’t ever stop. This is one thing all Americans have common ground on. Having our lives dictated by others isn’t good for anyone. Could we ever get to the point in which enough Americans from all walks of life come together and realize they aren’t each others enemy and throw the bums out? It’s the best way and the only way. America, you’ll need people of every race, color and creed to set aside politics in order to reform politics. #UniteAmerica