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Aaron Rodgers is a ______?


Some quick observations. Yes Rodgers lied when he said he had immunity. Not because he didn’t get vaxxed but because the vaccine can’t provide immunity. That should’ve tipped the media off then but they have their tunnel vision blinders on to the narrative.

Second, isn’t it something how the vaccine debate triggers people exactly like Trump? Trump haters with Trump Derangement Syndrome would visibly shake as they were overcome with rage. That was in no way limited to democrats as Trump had haters everywhere. Same with Rodgers now. They are coming out like Howard Stern and Terry Bradshaw with utter contempt for a guy who chose not to take a drug. Won’t affect Stern or Bradshaw one iota but people are just getting consumed with hate for those who think differently than they do.

Third, taking therapeutics and testing weekly isn’t enough for the pro-vax hate crowd. Yet the vaccinated can transmit asymptomatically and aren’t required to be tested. Who’s more of a risk, Rodgers who tests or the vaccinated who don’t when both can spread? And why just weekly anyway? If I test negative today and catch the virus tomorrow I can spread for 6 days? Does that make any sense?

Fourth it is often said why didn’t Rodgers go to his doctor for medical advice instead of a podcaster in Joe Rogan? Are you talking to your Doctors? Every one I do as well as anyone I know all get the narrative? The vaccine is safe and everything we layman read is misinformation. As you would expect from them. They read the ‘approved’ medical journals and attend the same medical conferences that only speak the company line. Why expect anything different? Critical thinking for yourself is simply not allowed on this subject like most these days.

That’s the biggest takeaway since Trump. Even partisanship has been discarded along with critical thinking. Intolerance for dissent or a different view is even above emotionally driven ideology. That’s a scary future for America.


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