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Future smallpox pandemic solution already in the works?


Hmmm, interesting timing.


Could this just be coincidental also?


Anyone remember in October of 2019 during a medical conference attended by Dr. Fauci the what if scenario was discussed about a coronavirus leaking from a lab?


Of course if you’re still reading you’re a conspiracy nut like me but as Biden would say, c’mon man. Should we conspire a bit more? What if smallpox was used as a bioweapon even on a small scale? The fear factor would be astronomical. Then imagine that Big Pharma would come to the rescue with a vaccine. No, not the tried and true vaccine used for over 200 years but a new and improved mRNA based vaccine. One that isn’t out of patent and Big Pharma could charge top dollar for. The narrative would have already been written that no one could see it coming but thanks to science we can utilize today’s technology to stop the possible pandemic in its tracks. Remember how we’ve discussed the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines as a gateway drug? Stay tuned.


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