Spellchek is intended as an exercise in futility,thus the title of the blog.I am a cynic and very skeptical by nature,and the posts contained with-in this site will be wide-ranging.Usually the posts will simply be whatever catches my eye at the moment.I will ask more questions than provide answers.I have a sincere distaste for labels.Much of my posting will be politically oriented.I am not a republican or democrat.I don’t support liberal or progressive views.While many of my views align with conservative or libertarian thinking,I refuse to adopt any label just for the sake of doing so.Maybe this qualifies me as an independent.So be it.I don’t subscribe to most of the movements or agendas afoot these days.I have no faith that reverting back to a republican majority will solve anything.Certainly the status quo can’t work either.I am not a tea partier,although I have attended two of their events.I believe more radical change is necessary.Our system of checks and balances is invalid.Well intended in its inception,it has not served us well lately.We will continue to languish in perpetual flux until we adopt the notion that we cannot solve our problems at the ballot box.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Uh, can I ask whether you are a guy or gal? I haven’t gleaned a clue, and the thing is. When I read a blog regularly, my brain will start building a mental picture of the writer. It’s a shock when, months later, I realize I’ve been picturing the wrong sex.



  2. Gee Linda, I thought my slant towards right wing extremism, sports, cars , 80’s music videos, etc. gave it away. Just another old, conservative, Christian white blogger. You know, the cause of all that is wrong with America! Sorry, nothing too exciting.

  3. I’ve only read your budget stuff, not cars and sports, so I missed that clue.


    figured you for a fella anyway, but since I’ve been WRONG on that count twice already in the past, I just thought I’d check.

    have a good one my friend

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