Could this be the photo of the third Boston Marathon bomber?


Hey, what else are black backpacks used for but pressure cooker bombs? He looks pretty suspicious to me.

Sorry, couldn’t miss a chance to bash a player from a New York team. If I have lost you and you have absolutely no idea why Tim Tebow’s pic is in this post, go here –

Is our Brick-Shooter-in-Chief the worst ever?

By now, you’ve probably seen this video of our Brick-Shooter-in-Chief going 2 for 22 shooting free throws on Easter Sunday. For comparison, I give you the stats of the most infamous poor free throw shooter in NBA history, Shaquille O’Neal.

52.7% free throw percentage –

Unfortunately, our POTUS is at 9.09%, over 43% worse than Hack-a-Shaq.

So who’s the best at it? How about Ted St. Martin with 5,221?

Have you ever seen a worse free throw attempt than this one by an NBA player?

Or a better fake than Chuck Hayes?

These should make our POTUS feel better.

Johan the Magnificent!

Gotta give major props to the big Swede, Johan Franzen. He only lit the lamp FIVE times last night in the Red Wings win over Ottawa. Nice way to kick off the second half of the season. First ever career regular season hat trick. First Wing to score five since Fedorov in ’96. You can go here to see his complete stats history.

He just keeps getting better and better and he’s still only 31 years old. Last year he scored four in a game and had a fifth taken away by the official scorer so he’s not a one trick pony. He’s nicknamed “the mule” and for good reason. Steve Yzerman tagged him with that moniker in 2005 when he saw firsthand just how big and strong he was. So don’t feel bad if you missed it last night. Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of his highlight reel.

Miracle on 34th Street? No, it’s on Brush Street!


It was October 28, 2007. The GDP was rising at a 4.7% rate. That’s actual growth. Personal income had risen over $47 billion in the previous month. Wages and salaries had risen $38 billion in September of 2007. The unemployment rate was 4.7%! Yes, I said 4.7%! The deficit for the entire fiscal year of 2007? How about $162.8 billion dollars. For the whole year! It was $150.4 billion just for November of 2010 alone! The average price of a gallon of gas in October of 2007? How about $2.77 per gallon. The median sale price of a home in October of 2007? About $234,000 dollars. In October of 2010? About $195,000.

Why am I regurgitating all of these economic statistics? Simply to illustrate the differences between today and 1,149 days ago when the Detroit Lions won their last road football game!!! Hot damn, break out the champagne! Any Tampa fans still out in public?

No big deal you say? Are you kidding me? Obama hadn’t even won the primary yet. The recession didn’t begin until December of 2007. The national debt was still under $10 trillion dollars. Ah yes, the good old days! I’m just glad I’ll be able to tell my grandkids I was alive to see it.

BTW – Brush Street is the address of the Detroit Lions home – Ford Field.

No, this is not April Fools Day. It really happened. Go here and read it yourself.