The only solution to America in chaos

America is hopelessly divided and being pitted against one another by a multitude of forces and none of it by accident. The hordes jumping on the bandwagon to shame protesters may be misguided or just ignorant but they don’t realize the power of the foe they are up against. The status quo is to stand down, make sure you vote, contact your elected officials to plead your case, and above all, don’t resort to violence. When that has been tried and failed over and over, then what? That’s called insanity when you do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. So to all of you taking the high road, you will lose it all just as the rest of us by standing by and letting what you created crush us. That’s right, the only reason the swamp and deep state exist is due to our standing back and playing by the rules. We let it happen and those that could took advantage to put us where we are today.

The policy makers must be stripped of their excessive use of power. Name any policy issue you disagree with today and it has come to be because our legislators have unchecked authority and are susceptible to every special interest and lobbyist that simply has more influence over their vote than their constituents do. The longer they are in office, the worse it gets. Sure they’ll deny this to the ends of the earth but we have history to tell us otherwise. Should you be one who believes the problems lie on the other side of whatever side of the partisan divide you fall on, you’re akin to the alcoholic who doesn’t realize he has a problem. The swampy deep state permeates all throughout government regardless of party affiliation. The solution will require across the board changes that must be implemented by we the people because there is no chance whatsoever of politicians policing themselves and cleaning this mess up. American patriots from all parties, races, colors, creeds and religions must collectively take physical control of our government buildings peacefully and maintain it until all appropriate action is complete to rewrite and pass legislation and new legal and certified public servants are in place.

To do it there must be not only term limits but lifetime government service limits. Legislators can no longer be career people and the compensation for serving must reflect this. Yes there are some legislators who are beneficial to America and this will cause us to lose their service long-term but that is simply a cost that can’t be avoided. As with any policy anywhere that is in place to prevent the bad, the good are also affected. Public servants must be those who really wish to serve out of a sense of duty putting aside personal biases in order to implement the will of the people. There can be no benefits extended after their service has ended. It’s the only way to ensure that people don’t enter public service for personal enrichment. Absolutely they can be well compensated during their actual service as it’s a very important duty to this country. But that’s it. There isn’t a chance in the world politicians would ever willingly agree to this so they must be given no alternative. No call for violence. No call to burn down anything. Just executing what Thomas Jefferson said we would periodically have to do to keep our Republic.

“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness… it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” – Thomas Jefferson from The Declaration of Independence

That time has come. The progressives are emboldened as never before. Full blown censorship. Destruction of the family. Our election system compromised. Indoctrination of our education system. The constant fear-mongering for our safety in order to give up freedom. Our financial system in tatters. The push for globalism and destruction of our culture, our borders, our language. The time is ever closer for their final push to get past the point of no return. The only solution is for the people to rise up en masse and stop it. The way to do it without violence is the same as our nuclear defense deterrence. An overwhelming force that disincentivizes any threat of response.

Remember the storm area 51 movement of 2019? Had that occurred as feared with literally millions of people showing up do you really think the overwhelmed security forces would start mowing down hordes of Americans? We need to remember that our police, our military and any other security forces are people just like us. They are not part of the swampy deep state. They are not invested in protecting a political system set up to empower and enrich its members. They will also realize this isn’t a coup or insurrection to take over a country but rather an effort to save it. Will there be violence? Absolutely. The establishment has everything to lose and will make some attempt to stop it. We’re a country of well over 300 million people with vast differences. You can’t possibly make such a large scale change without it. But it isn’t the intention or goal in any way. We have a broken political system that can’t be fixed from within. You can’t do it at the ballot box. You can’t do it through social media. You can’t do it by peaceful protests. If that time had been possible in the past, that time is now gone. To stand by is to enable our own destruction.

Hopefully, enough of us will use our critical thinking skills. We can all see what is happening before our very eyes. The progressives are not only cancelling people, they are attempting to cancel thought. Your ability to hold an opposing opinion is the target and everyday they are winning. Unfortunately, many are assisting by discouraging dissent. Doesn’t matter if it’s the pro-Trump Capitol protests or a BLM protest, the majority of protesters do so peacefully. The few write the narrative for the many in what the media promotes. Division among us plays right into the progressives hands. It also helps prevent what is needed. In common to all Americans is our freedom and liberties. We will always, always have many differences between races and cultures, yet we can only all coexist peacefully if those freedoms remain intact. The progressives are attacking them and taking them away. It is to all our benefit to stop the political machine which makes our decisions for us. The blatant censorship happening right now by big tech will, by design, help to stop any mass organization of dissent. The Trump haters cheering this on are clueless as to how it will even affect them. It’s nothing more than divide and conquer and so many on the left and right are playing right into it.

It is the American people under attack. The control of your freedom and your wealth is the prize. No matter how distasteful you may find the politics of the parties you don’t support, remember they are just people. They find themselves in a system that requires compliance. Some will capitalize for power or fame or wealth. Some concede they must play by the rules or be neutered and eventually fail. It isn’t as if there’s a magic factory churning out evil politicians who despise America and only wish to profit themselves. They have the same shortcomings as the rest of us and that’s why we have to change the system. Wouldn’t it be great if we all possessed such high morals and ethics to always do the right thing no matter what? Most will do just that if temptation is removed. We need a system of government that minimizes the potential for abuse and maximizes equal and fair treatment of all Americans. Empowering government even more as some are calling for is a ludicrous concept. Those that create the problems we have are hardly like to fix them by making them stronger. We can return to a system in which Americans can safely vote and be reassured that lobbying their elected officials for what concerns them will be heard. But it has to have safeguards built into it. By us.

There are those who wish to tear down the system because they believe it is inherently unfair. It is this unfairness, either perceived or real, that is what progressives crave to sow division. Your attempt to right a wrong is also seen as a threat to establishment power. This is why you see support for tilting the playing field the other way as a form of reparations. A tilted playing field in any direction creates division and promotes progressive interests. Tearing up the Constitution and adopting a new one is an entirely different animal. If you wish to change it through the Amendment process, you must remove the third party interests from influencing the process. That can’t happen under our current legislative makeup. It’s one more reason purging the swamp this way is essential.

Are you on-board yet? This doesn’t mean every legislator has to be run out of town either. If they are willing to accept the new terms and it is the will of the people to keep them in place then so be it. The bottom line is serving the American people and what WE desire is the only priority. We should see vastly different priorities by district rather than a rubber stamp partisan process we have now. That’s precisely why voters feel disenfranchised when living in a district which is a partisan stronghold and the vote is always the same. Reliably red or blue districts are just what the doctor ordered for politicians to sell influence.

How much longer will WordPress allow blog posts like this? Almost a certainty that they will succumb to the pressure to police their content as well. Time is getting very short my friend in which we’ll be able to act to save the country. Sitting by not wanting to ruffle feathers and conform hoping that it gets better is a recipe for disaster. Here’s hoping you act now.

Is the 2020 election the most inconsequential ever?

Sorry folks, despite all the hubbub about it being the most important election of our lifetimes, it really is irrelevant. If the Democrats win we’ll see destruction of our culture and our country due to policy. If the Republicans win we’ll see destruction of our culture and our country due to activism. If nothing else the 4 year attack on Trump has exposed the swamp for its depth. It’s a cancer that has spread across the country and infiltrated every aspect of our lives. The heartbeat of it all is our political system. It drives every movement regardless of their goals. The solution, the only possible solution, remains overhauling it.

From the Declaration of Independence – “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

We’ve arrived. It’s time to take heed of Thomas Jefferson’s words and alter, not abolish, our Government. Trump fan? Republican? Conservative? Libertarian? Christian? Constitutionalist? Sorry, winning this or any election, holding any combination of the 3 branches of Government, this won’t reverse the slippery slope we’re on. Democrat? Liberal? Media? Academic? Scientist? Socialist? Progressive? Marxist? Communist? Fascist? Sorry suckers, you still can’t see how power works. There is no seat at the table for you either if Capitalism and the United States is dismantled. Power exists only at the highest levels of Government and all the lapdogs are fighting over the handouts. As long as your movement is useful to them, you’ll get fed. Once it isn’t, you’ll be discarded. There’s a long, long list of topics to examine that were once all the rage and are now no longer part of the discussion. None of this will change regardless of the party in power until structural change is forced upon Government.

Fiscal responsibility is not even discussed by either major political party anymore. Used to be they brought it up when the other party was in power. Now it’s taboo. Worried about Judges? Think having a majority in the SCOTUS matters? Judicial activism is the norm and court packing is now considered a feasible option. The 3 branches were designed to be checks on each others power yet we see all 3 legislating and interpreting law. In other words, they are hopelessly out of control and have become destructive. Their power is self-derived and they will absolutely not cede it unless they are given no choice. A divided country is ideal for a tyrannical political body to be the ultimate authority on a society. They are charged with disbursing the wealth and determining the winners and losers throughout our entire culture. We the little people destroy each other with politicians controlling the puppet strings. None of this is my opinion. Reality doesn’t require my or anyone’s acknowledgement.

Wish to stop it? How badly? What are you willing to give up? What is it really worth? You will pay a steep price. You’ve all heard the drill. Term limits. Taken a step further should be lifetime civil service limits in any elected or appointed capacity. That doesn’t include the poor schlub just making a living at a Government job. They don’t make policy nor are they in a position to profit from it. Elected or appointed positions must all be temporary, non-career openings. No pension. No lifetime health care or benefits after leaving office. While serving? Sure, no reason they can’t be appropriately compensated for important jobs. But the career incentive must go away. Of course lobbyists and special interests money and other incentives has to stop. In short, civil servants need to go back to their original intent or serving the public interest and that’s it. They should reflect the desires of their constituents regardless of their own personal interests. Elections with candidates tripping all over each to see who can give us the most need to end. They should be about integrity and who will vote for the majority will of their constituents and nothing else. Their power to shape society and culture must end.

Accomplish this and the swamp framework collapses. The incentive is gone. America can evolve into whatever a majority of its people determines. Did I mention this would be extremely difficult to do? Just imagine the pushback from those in power who don’t wish to give it up. Marches and advertising campaigns and peaceful protesting is fruitless. Americans will have to physically take over their governing institutions at the federal and state levels and be willing to accept whatever fallout comes with it. Who can predict how bad that would get? No one with accuracy. Yet it’s the only way to ever get politicians to step aside and be replaced with those who will play by the new rules.

Of course we need balanced budgets. This won’t be nearly as difficult as one would think once the general fund cesspool is eliminated. Spellchek has been in favor of earmarks forever. Absolutely every dollar should be accounted for and earmarking where tax dollars go is the minimum method of accountability. Any form of general fund opens up the opportunity for corruption and politicians have certainly proven they can’t be trusted with that amount of discretion on where the monies go. We could go on and on and on about the benefits of an accountable and responsive Government.

By the way, many of you have views I don’t personally agree with. Taking the reins of power away from politicians doesn’t diminish your ability to lobby your cause. It’s simply removing the middleman from the power structure. As I stated before, your interests are only on their radar as long as you are beneficial to them. If not, you have no value. You are told constantly that your enemy is your neighbor with a different background. Maybe it’s the power elite that benefit regardless? The social media destruction of those with an opposing view is gold for politicians. Just look at the ever evolving platforms of our major political parties over time. Your views might be flavor of the month now but they are all temporary and your cause may win today but be outlawed in the future. Roe vs. Wade anyone?

There you have it. Yet another election that is the most important of our lives. The world will end for the losing party. The day after (well usually but this is 2020 so we’ll see) the election the next campaign begins. With such great power at stake we are in a perpetual campaign and thus subject to all the divisive politics everyone hates. As long as America allows the puppet masters to control the strings it won’t ever stop. This is one thing all Americans have common ground on. Having our lives dictated by others isn’t good for anyone. Could we ever get to the point in which enough Americans from all walks of life come together and realize they aren’t each others enemy and throw the bums out? It’s the best way and the only way. America, you’ll need people of every race, color and creed to set aside politics in order to reform politics. #UniteAmerica

Bye America we hardly knew ya

The greatest industrialized nation in history. The most powerful military ever. The strongest economy ever recorded. The greatest advancements in technology, science and medicine by far. The first empire to set foot on the moon. The ongoing space exploration that has easily exceeded all who have come before. One could go on and on and on. Yet is doomed. The greatest achievements of mankind will also be destroyed by mankind. No, this isn’t a silly climate change ultimatum. Just a recognition of the limitations of mankind.

Unfortunately, all too often I find myself at this point in which I really wonder why I bother with any social media platforms. My thoughts aren’t even opinion, just recognition of reality. It won’t make a bit of difference in the big scheme. One would hope enough people would collectively realize what is happening and come together to make a difference. It’s as if those with the capacity to recognize where America is heading also realize it’s simply too overwhelming to act meaningfully. Sounds pretty defeatist, huh? Maybe not, read on to the very end.

The flashing red warning lights are blinding. The driver of everything America is the economy. Period. All of our accomplishments are because the strength of the economy provided the means. It is an undeniable fact that our debt will crash our economy. Can’t tell you when. No rationale human can look at it and tell you it’s sustainable. Just servicing the debt alone will result in interest payments that are staggering. As they say, there’s no free lunch. All debts are always paid. Either by the debtor, the creditor or a third party. No debt ever goes unpaid. America’s will also be paid. Likely by a combination of the above. The results will be catastrophic. It isn’t an easy concept. Who owns the debt, who will be on the receiving end when that debt is paid and why will it be bad at all? Then you have to have an understanding of concepts like the velocity of money (basically how fast it revolves throughout an economy) and why the distribution of wealth is so important to keeping an economy revolving. Those concepts and many more are way past the scope of a blog post. However we can all easily understand why inflation is bad. Inflating the value of a dollar without a corresponding increase in the value of the good or service simply means you get less for your money. And somewhere in the mix the profiteers get involved to extract their wealth from that inflated value of money. Again, too complicated to go into the whole banking cabal and who’s been profiting for so long at the expense of your buying power. The point is inflation of the value of money and selling debt to third parties to prop up fake growth is eventually a dead end road. Shuffling the chairs on the deck of the Titanic and all that good stuff. It has to end eventually and it can only end badly. The only sure thing in all of this is that day will come.

Call it the greed of man. Call it the ignorance of the man being hoodwinked. Some may say worse yet are those who profit off both. Every economic boom or bust has winners and losers and the really good ones make money off both parties winning or losing. Politicians anyone? The power trippers profit off of control and unfortunately the vast majority of our ideological debates in society today are really just shifting the goalposts for who makes money and how. The suckers are the true believers who think their values are actually being debated amongst the political elites. Do you think the national conversation on political party ideology is actually based on solving the issues of citizens? Are you out of your mind? So many committed ideologues and partisan hacks out there pushing their party platform as if the betterment of society is the goal. Maybe they actually believe there is a place in the hierarchy for them on the other side if they make enough noise. The silly Pelosi hairdo scandal illustrates it well. It isn’t just her opponents she’s laughing at, it’s her own supporters as well as they don’t realize the pawns they are. There is no seat at the table for them either.

There is no one, repeat no one, in a position of real influence that is stopping the train to destruction were on. Democrats and progressives don’t even realize they’re on the train. They are hopeless. There are some on the right who might know they’re on the train but they have no idea where the brake lever is located. This includes Trump. Not to be too harsh on the guy but he really has no chance. The electorate is uninformed or illiterate or both. Trump has to play the game of politics to get elected and reelected. By definition that means he can’t be serious about solving our nations real debt problem. It will never sell on Main Street. The austerity measures required to harness the spending and then ultimately to pay down the debt are unrealistic to a population accustomed to the good life. This even goes for our downtrodden and poor, our suppressed and discriminated, everyone has skin in the game here. No matter how bad they think they have it, it could easily be far worse and may just get there. The only person with a chance at selling extreme austerity is one who comes on board after the crash. Trump has to promise never ending greatness to get elected. He has to sell his ‘accomplishments’ for maintaining our way of life. The August unemployment numbers just came out at 8.4% (better than ‘expected’). The media discards the story entirely as it’s pro-Trump. The right screams hey, look over here! Just remember, when the same labor department kept producing ever lower numbers under Obama, the right continually pointed out the accounting methods. Such as working one hour a month to count as employed. Always pointing out the U-6 methodology for a truer picture of unemployment. Those same methods are still being utilized, it just depends on where you fall politically on what you emphasize. If you can’t trust them as being fair when the opposition party is in power you also must discount them when your party is in power. It’s always lipstick on a pig.

Ponzi schemes always work. Until they don’t anymore. That’s America. We don’t have true growth because the debt factor isn’t calculated into the equation. You hear economists talk of what a dollar will buy you today compared to some other year in inflation adjusted dollars. What a shock to the system it would be if economists talked in complete sentences. Value our wealth not just on the current value of the dollar but with the debt factored in. You either pay off the debt or devalue your money supply to pay it. Either way isn’t free. If you live in a $250k house you don’t say your net worth includes that $250k house without discounting the mortgage. Even then who calculates the true cost you pay for that house after 30 years of mortgage payments and interest? Not hard to have a negative net worth when you start calculating the true cost of things. Politicians have absolutely zero interest in going there. The left rages that the post office must now account for the long-term costs associated with retirement for postal workers. They see that as an issue for future generations in which workers will be paying for legacy costs associated with retirees. They don’t like bringing into focus the true, total cost of programs long-term. Tax cuts are viewed as spending cuts since as much government cheese isn’t available to dole out. Accordingly, spending less is touted as a tax cut. Spending is called investment. All funny math for the easily corrupted. I’m not sure about you but using my tax money for ‘investments’ in which I’ll likely never see a return on is called charity. Charity for the greater good of society if you will but call it what it is. All to make the point that we aren’t having a discussion of apples to apples. Honest politicians would point out that our spending exceeds our revenue and our debt is beyond our ability to pay. No matter how much ‘good’ you’re trying to do in the world if you’re irresponsible when going about it you become a burden as well. The woke in America are chasing after a disappearing pie. Ah, if only we knew when that day would be. The only escape would be to grow our way out with true wealth and then have politicians in place that wouldn’t just spend more, but pay it off. Impossible.

America, you had a great run. You’re only downfall was letting the inmates run the asylum. When your eulogy is written let it be said that there can be too much of a good thing as it will eventually eat itself. Whether that’s a few years or decades from now no one on earth knows but it is as sure a bet as you’ll ever make. I don’t know yet if my blogosphere days are over but if so take these words of wisdom with you. In a country of 350 million, in a world of over 7 billion people, if it’s God’s will your one voice might be the one that makes the difference so preach on!

Nancy Pelosi: The Salon Set Me Up, ‘Owes Me an Apology’

Hmmm…I’m confused, are you? The salon set her up? Pelosi clearly scheduled her appointment voluntarily. She was not kidnapped and forced to go. The salon told her one person at a time could be accommodated. She only counts as one as far as I can see. To summarize, she reached and scheduled the appointment and the salon completed the service. Where’s the setup? You mean the security footage of the public utilized all the time by the salon? It wasn’t installed specifically to monitor Pelosi. No audio was recorded. 100% legal under California law. And no, Pelosi has no legal claim to the footage of herself if you wonder if she could demand it remain private. So no set up, no laws broken, only an inconvenient expose of a hypocrite. Pelosi is mad she got caught, not that she did it thus the comical take that the salon owes her an apology. Hypocrites don’t like being exposed. When it’s so blatant that they can’t spin it, it leaves a serious mark. She shouldn’t worry. Her supporting sheep won’t hold it against her.

Are celebrities really on the verge of giving up their social influence?

The calls are growing louder for celebrity entertainers and athletes to boycott and strike in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. It may be a colossal mistake with permanent ramifications. Even Barack Obama knows this and at least temporarily talked the NBA off the ledge from canceling the rest of their season. The math is easy here. Rich, famous, spoiled elites like Hollywood entertainers and sports athletes hold a perceived aura of influence because it’s part of the fantasy. The average Joe cannot ever hope to perform as they do. Only when they perform are their thoughts and opinions valued greater than others. It’s part of the mystique that fascinates fans who simply can’t do what they do. Take that away by ‘punishing’ us with their absence and their voice is lost in the vast sea of protesters calling for change. That is literally what is being called for by media partisans. To punish. That the white race doesn’t deserve to enjoy black performers. That’s where the math is easy. No performance=no influence. That was Obama’s message. Lost in the calculation by protesters is the values of the target audience. We have to remember this entire movement against systemic racism is based on money. The racism industry has always been. Reparations and redistribution of taxpayer money is the goal. That goes for all players. Black Lives Matter Marxists may have power as there main plank of their movement but controlling wealth is always paramount in the quest for power. Which brings us back to celebrity influence. It’s power. Control of society demands compliance of the man on the street and that can be accomplished by fear or adulation. Rioters are utilizing fear. Celebrities require adulation. Take away the performance and the adulation diminishes or transforms into scorn or the worst outcome of all for celebrities, inconsequence. Their egos can’t handle it. LeBron James doesn’t like being told to shut up and dribble. He really won’t like no one caring if he dribbles or not. It’s a seminal moment in the future of celebrity influence. They are trying to convince Americans who aren’t racist and have no connection to racism of the past to pick up the tab. Overreach here may be devastating to their futures.

Staying safe means staying home, right? Why not with systemic racism?

That’s a serious question. We’re told the way to stay safe in a pandemic is to stay home until a vaccine is available. If minorities are really at risk everywhere at all times from systemically racist white cops hunting them, wouldn’t you stay safe at home until it’s cured? Wouldn’t all woke pro athletes prefer to stay home and stay safe instead of more meaningless show protests? They could collectively donate the bulk of their salaries (less required living expenses of course) toward the effort to redirect all law enforcement funding to social programs.

Minorities across the country I call upon you to stay home and stay safe. Once systemic racism is eradicated you may emerge and enjoy all the bounty of America without fear. This will likely take many years but safety first, right? Treat it with the respect you’ve given safety from a pandemic.

So Biden plagiarized his own speech from 2008…or is it even more sinister?

There May Be Another Person who Biden Plagiarized His DNC Speech From as This Hilarious Video Shows – this from RedState –

Now it’s ridiculous enough that the Biden speechwriters could no better than regurgitate the 2008 speech but then you watch it and see he’s even wearing the same suit and tie. OMG, what if Creepy Joe never even left his basement? What if the special effects wizards just worked a little graphics magic and video shopped his 2008 speech into the 2020 convention? I mean, did anyone actually see him give the speech due to COVID-19 restrictions? Can we start a rumor that Biden has already been committed to the insane asylum and Kamala Harris really will be President immediately since she’ll be ready on day one as proud Joe tries to sell us in his ads? Fact is no one left or right cares at all what Biden says in his speeches from 2008 or 2020. He’s just a shill for all things big government and literally has nothing to say that is an original thought. Not one single person on the planet is undecided about whether or not to vote for Biden. All minds are made up and now we just play this ridiculous game of conventions and campaign ads until November. They should just trot out a cardboard Biden figure like they’re using at baseball games these days. No one would care and it wouldn’t change a single vote.