Some monuments to racism are allowed to stand

Isn’t it time? Isn’t the way to eradicate racism is to remove all vestiges of it? Statues? Anthems? Corporate logos and names? Books? Movies? Music group names? Sports team names? Isn’t it time to tear down the Jim Crow Museum on the campus of Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan? You didn’t know this existed? Sure it does. It was created to use objects of intolerance to promote tolerance. That’s in their mission statement. Yet across the country we are removing objects of intolerance at lightning speed. So it can’t happen fast enough that the Jim Crow museum as well as any other racially based memorial on our institutions of higher learning are destroyed.

See it here for yourself. Who would ever believe in this era of intolerance that the left would allow this evil to stand? Spread the word. Make this go viral. Love not hate.

Pssst…no one is safe

Oh boy, can you just see the jaws dropping now? So many organizations who never thought they’d be in the cross hairs of the global progressives? The racism card has a whole list of unlikely victims who thought they were on the right side of political correctness. Will they ever see the light before it’s too late for them? Dividing the country has no limits. Pitting people against one another to create the necessary upheaval required to take over a country is massive. America is racing toward that fateful day.

Black Lives Matter? Sorry, just useful idiots. Believing that a solution to systemic racism is anywhere on the radar means you simply aren’t paying attention. Planned Parenthood? Founder Margaret Sanger is a well-known racist. Dismantling institutions with roots based in racism is going to take down some formally untouchable icons. Hollywood, think you’re safe or immune because you’re on the bandwagon and using your sizable public influence to push for social change? C’mon, you’re not watching closely enough.

How about the most unthinkable of all? Yes, even you, the Democrat Party are in the crosshairs. A party absolutely founded in systemic racism is set to be taken down as well. It’s not like it isn’t being advertised. It’s just one of those things that people really have a hard time wrapping their arms around and accepting. These people want global change. A global restructuring of power. Capitalism cannot be allowed to stand. Free societies are intolerable. Go down the list of issues our social justice warriors have been so focused on and they will all be relegated to the dust bin of history as inconsequential in the big picture. Globalists are excellent at capitalizing on fringe type issues to create division. You can’t have things such as a verifiable nuclear threat to the entire country or a 9/11 style attack which brings Americans together. The threats have to be structured so that every American is a potential victim but the response is to turn to a greater power for safety. Climate change is a perfect example. COVID-19 another.

Look across the country and see where these formally extreme views are now being integrated into localities everywhere. They are occupying all levels of government. The cancel culture and politically correct environment is intended to create division, not solve problems. The attacks are on every facet of our lives and you are not allowed to merely stand by idly. You will be attacked just as viciously for not engaging. Tolerance doesn’t help create division. Take the gay issue. Used to be that tolerance was whatever you do in your own household is fine, just not in my backyard if you were opposed to gay rights. Now you must actively support it or face the scornful consequences. Racism is following the same playbook. It isn’t ok to say that those were mistakes of our ancestors. Now we must eradicate the very memory of them.

So many warriors fighting for their causes. Blissfully unaware that they are mere pawns in the bigger picture. Religion. Education. Lifestyle. Economic system. Even our history itself under attack. A beautifully crafted plan in which so many don’t even realize who the true enemy is. All will have to deal with it. They will not stop. Any single election is just a part of the bigger picture. Where are we at right now? Arguing with each other over the color of our skin and what that means. Meaningless in the eyes of our Creator. But a very useful tool in dividing us. It isn’t hard to see that displacing a way of life of a society requires disruption and chaos. It wouldn’t go anywhere if we had a very stable society. How in the world do we ever get to a place where Americans unite against a force determined to literally tear apart the country? Well, if you’re a believer in the Good Book, you already know the answer to that.

Bubba Wallace Responds to Trump: Use ‘Love’ to Deal with ‘Hate from the POTUS’

Use love not hate. Here’s Bubba Wallace from just a couple of weeks ago on June 26th talking to CNN’s Don Lemon.

“I’m mad because people are trying to test my character and the person that I am and my integrity.”

“It will piss me off, absolutely. But that only fuels the competitive drive in me to shut everybody up.”

He’s mad. He’s pissed off and he wants to shut everybody up. That sure doesn’t sound like love not hate. Or is it just hate because it’s Trump? Wallace also said this.

“Last thing, always deal with the hate being thrown at you with LOVE!”

Maybe he should take his own advice. Look, I don’t agree with Trump calling out Wallace today. Nothing good was ever going to come from that. But if he wish to take the high road, you better be sure your own public statements back you up. Accusing Trump of hating him is not the love he preaches. Why not just say President Trump is wrong? I said what I said based on the evidence I was given at the time by NASCAR. No apology necessary. Instead, we have a tit-for-tat. Trump shouldn’t have said it and Wallace shouldn’t have responded with the holier-than-thou response. And the divide between races continues on…

From Fox News – NY City Council approves slashing $1B from NYPD budget

NY City Council approves slashing $1B from NYPD budget

What else has to happen here? After all, as AOC says, it isn’t about funny math, it’s about completely defunding the police. The New York city council spokesman had this to say. “To the thousands of New Yorkers who so admirably fought for budget justice over the past several weeks: we heard you and we stand with you,” Johnson said Tuesday. “We recognize that the city must move away from failed racist policing policies of the past.”- Corey Johnson

Failed racist policing policies. This mean you admit to systemic racism. Racist set forth in actual policy. Whoever made policy must immediately resign. That goes to the top including the Mayor. These same people cannot be left in charge to write policy to fix systemic racism if they were the cause, which they have now admitted they are. This goes for every police department in the country. If you attempt to get woke and cave in to the mob there must be consequences. You don’t get to say we agree to avoid confrontation and not have any fallout. This isn’t a matter of merely doing the wrong thing in the past and hoping for forgiveness and a second chance. You’re admitting to actively and purposely setting forth systemically racist policies. That should be career ending as well as come with civil penalties to all involved. Not just sorry and we’ll try harder. The public should demand consequences even more harsh than what the mob is asking for. This is how you stop political correctness. The consequences must exceed the mob punishment. People need to learn caving in to political correctness is wrong. Standing on principle is right. That’s the real issue here. There is no such thing as systemic racism. Actual policy set forth and executed that favors the white race over the black race. It is as it always is across the country. Individuals with racist tendencies that take it upon themselves to utilize their position of authority to act on those tendencies. It didn’t come from the policy manual. It wasn’t taught at the academy. City councils that admit to a nonexistent problem in the belief that they are avoiding conflict must be held accountable. It is their job to exhibit to the mob how they are wrong. Show that neither the policies nor the training are inherently racist. Correcting the behavior of individuals does not and cannot require the dismantling of our public safety departments merely to redirect public taxpayer money to progressive social wishlist programs. That is, after all, what this is about. Enacting progressive power and control. In the name of our safety of course.

Judicial Watch uncovers emails showing Ben Rhodes and aides joking about Benghazi lies – American Thinker

Former National Security Advisor for Barack Hussein Obama, Ben Rhodes, had the most honest line ever in this email exchange. It perfectly encapsulates the entire left wing media in all their glory.

From Sept. 27, 2012 at 11:32pm. “Look at it this way. It could be worse. You could be a career bureaucrat whose greatest thrill in life is leaking half-truths, self-justifications and out right lies to the likes of Eli Lake, Kim Dozier, and whoever picks up the phone at Fox News.”

Pure honesty. Truth serum couldn’t do a better job. It is the left wing media to a tee. The swamp in all its glory. Lies and deception along with justifying yourself to yourself. I think Rhodes should get a Pulitzer just for this one particular quote. Although completely unintended as Rhodes is a farcical joke, he identified the world he lives in beautifully. The left should really take a bow and just own it.

NASCAR ends controversy on Noosegate…or have they?

Below are the originals for your comparison

What’s clear? The NASCAR rope is a typical tan or yellowish rope. The photo on the right is a much smaller white cord which is typical of every garage door pull anywhere in the world. How did a tan/yellow rope become a white cord? Look at the amount of ‘extra’ rope needed to form the noose. This was supposedly cut off. Garage pulls are intentionally made just long enough to reach when the door is open so you can reach it to close it. Extra rope length would get in the way and just be a trip hazard. Look, what’s obvious here is that the noose rope was put in place just for the photo. It was not the original pull cord formed into a noose. In other words, a setup. Who did it? NASCAR to push their newfound woke political agenda? Maybe. A member of the Wallace team in similar fashion to the Jussie Smollett hoax? Maybe. Not a clue unless more evidence comes to light. What does seem certain is that the noose photo designed to end the controversy has only made it worse. It’s been reported that the noose photo is a stillshot from a video. Let’s see the video. And why would NASCAR let Bubba Wallace hang in the breeze defending himself for days only to then issue another statement accepting responsibility for being embarrassed? If they always had the photo, why not release it early on before Wallace flipped from being assured to embarrassed? Still smells like a rat.