A bill to save the country? ***WOW-had to update already***

Hmmm…so let me get this straight. The new leader of the Democrat Party, AOC, is connecting the dots that lending organizations are culpable for any perceived wrongdoings committed by anyone connected to those funds all the way through to the end user, which by the way could conceivably include the customer? That was exactly what she inferred with her questioning of the Wells Fargo CEO yesterday.

Now the obvious response is she’s just an idiot. Holding a lender liable for the ultimate disposition of funds is certainly thinking outside the box now isn’t it? Let’s play along for just a moment to see what other ramifications may be collateral damage.

If it’s fair to assume that any business must be held accountable for any product or service it offers throughout it’s entire lifecycle, would it not also be fair to extend that thinking to politicians? Should they be held accountable for all actions resulting from their actions while in public office? Could be legislation they drew up or co-sponsored. Could be a vote or non-vote they undertook. Could be an oral statement they made whether through spoken word, written word or even mannerisms? I mean, actions have consequences, right?

The Democrats certainly wouldn’t object to this rationale, right? After all, they wish to hold Trump responsible for things he says. This has been there strategy for some time now. Go after the funding source for anything you are politically opposed to. If it’s Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity at Fox News, you go after the advertisers. Today’s progressives and their network of social justice warriors are attacking on all fronts in our PC world. In fact, AOC has attacked capitalism itself. If capitalism were an entity the left could sue for whatever ails the world, they would.

So it seems logical to extend this thinking across the spectrum and include politicians since they do their level best to affect our lives at every level possible. So with all thanks to AOC for the idea, on her behalf, I would like to introduce a new bill into Congress.

116th Congress

1st Session

H.R. 1234 – The Let’s Hold The Bums Accountable Act


March 13, 2019

We the people of the United States of America hereby demand that our elected officials represent us fairly, morally and with the utmost integrity at all times. Should our legislators ever pass legislation determined to be detrimental to the legal citizens of this country now or at any time in the future, we reserve the right to hold them responsible through whatever means deemed necessary.

This bill is purposely vague as to who or whom will determine any possible violations and what if any repercussions may follow. This is so our elected officials may live under the same atmosphere we now do wondering which way the political winds are blowing. This bill may also serve as a deterrent for those wishing to become career politicians and prosper on the public dole.

So let it be written. So let it be done.


All the legal citizens of the United States of America who give a damn about the rule of law and upholding the U.S. Constitution

Been a long time coming. You’re welcome in advance


Who knew AOC had her finger on the pulse so accurately and timely. This just out today.



The citizens of Minneapolis declare they are anti-semitic

But wait you say. Didn’t the House just pass a resolution rebuking hate? Didn’t Speaker Pelosi tell us that Rep. Ilhan Omar D-5th District Minnesota was new and merely underestimated how her anti-semitic remarks would be interpreted? Translation? It’s your fault. It’s not what she said, it’s how you heard it. You are at fault if you believe her statements to be anti-semitic. That’s what she has to say now that the Democrat Party has fully embraced anti-semitism. You know what comes next. The same path taken by the LGBTQ movement. You will not be allowed to merely be tolerant, you must actively embrace.

I say the citizens of Minneapolis because Omar is their duly elected representative who is extending their views to Congress. You’re a citizen of the 5th District and you don’t agree with this view of Omar? Sorry, you elected her, she represents you. All of you. Elections have consequences.

I don’t think anyone could have predicted the speed of the downfall of Pelosi. Especially after she bulldozed her competition to regain the Speaker of the House title. The three freshmen girl trio (AOC, Omar, Tlaib) are now in charge and calling the shots. Elders like Biden and Sanders should just save themselves the embarrassment and step aside now. Even Hillary is smart enough to see that her window has slammed shut and passed her by. The old money and establishment power knows that too many Americans still view this country as a one-party system of rule as their isn’t enough to differentiate the Democrat Party from the GOP. The Trump defeat taught them that having the same old fight over the sliver of voters in the middle is poor policy. Embracing the radicals in their party was always a likelihood but now they see the time is right to go all in.

Used to be they could promote ideology from their fringe and then just move back toward the center at election time. Now that endpoint isn’t far enough left so they must start further left before scaling back at election time. The 3 stooges are the perfect vehicle to introduce these formerly radical ideas to appeal to their ever expanding tent.

The left and their minions will now proclaim the House resolution is far superior to merely calling out Omar and singling out Jewish discrimination. That overlooks the completely obvious point that the only reason for this resolution at all was to respond to the comments from Rep. Omar for being the obvious anti-semite she is. And isn’t that the real point here? She’s a Muslim who hates Jews. Not a revelation. Not a secret. Not a surprise to the 5th District either as that is the majority of her constituents viewpoint as well. No different than Dearborn, Michigan. It really shouldn’t be much of an issue at all. Areas of the United States are being totally transformed and their elected representatives should reflect that. The real issue is to prevent nationwide changes based upon local or regional changes. Older Americans who lived through America in its heyday won’t like this but reality says those days are gone. Turning back the clock on our immigration reality is not feasible any longer and multi-culturalism rules the day. Doesn’t mean blanket changes should be allowed but integrating all into the old Americana ways is dead.

The elephant in the room? Omar claiming American politicians were motivated by money in their support for Israel. Seriously? Politicians motivated by money? Who woulda thunk it? I would hope that in this day and age there isn’t a single person left on the planet that doesn’t understand how politicians work. Yes they can still be principled to a point and some even moral but it is those mighty Benjamins that Omar speaks of that make the world go around. And her Benjamins don’t come from Israel, they come from Allah lovers all over the world.

So now progressives like competition?

Gee, who woulda thunk competition was such a good thing? Makes one wonder why progressives don’t hold this same view when it comes to healthcare? Like opening up competition across state lines. Is competition only useful for your mobile device? Of course we all know nationwide healthcare price competition directly flies in the face of the single payer, zero competition model the left dreams of. Hopefully the idea of Uncle Sam Wireless never enters their feeble little minds…


Want to show America you can walk and chew gum at the same time? Lead by example. You can do that while being forced to live “in the world as it is”. Do your part to work “towards a better future” by contributing TODAY. Honey, 12 years isn’t long. Everyday that goes by with you spewing CO2 everywhere is a day we’ll never get back. But of course you are well aware of that. Hypocrites always are. Do as I say not as I do.