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Yet another paid Obama mouthpiece defects

Posted by 5etester on July 20, 2014

MSNBC Anchor Resigns; Admits to Spreading “Lies on Behalf of Obama”

According to inside sources, MSNBC host Alex Wagner, host of “NOW with Alex Wagner”, resigned from her post today after 2 1/2 years with the network citing ethical and moral concerns.

In a resignation letter obtained by National Report, Wagner claims she has been spreading “lies on behalf of Obama” and using her position with MSNBC to “falsely promote a brutal dictator.”

Wagner goes on to say, “I have spent my entire professional career working toward a position based on false pretenses. I have worked hard to obtain a position with a major news network and expected to be reporting on serious issues. Instead, I am handed Pro-Obama scripts and asked to be a mouthpiece for the administration.”
– See more at: http://nationalreport.net/msnbc-anchor-resigns-admits-spreading-lies-behalf-obama/#sthash.qxTS44O7.dpuf

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How free water leads to even less rights

Posted by 5etester on July 15, 2014

In a previous post we established that unalienable rights as endowed by our Creator only apply to those who have the capability to exercise them. An unalienable right in no way guarantees that each and every one of us will have such a right without exception. That goes against the grain of what supporters generally believe but there simply is no other rational way to interpret it. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness have never and will never exist for all people regardless.

Enter social rights. Otherwise known as socio-economic human rights, they fall under the concept of social contract theory. Supporters believe that all humans have a right to things such as health care, housing, education, etc. In the case of Detroit and the water supply shutoffs, social right supporters believe residents have a right to free water as well.

And yes, they mean free. Not just a moratorium on the bill, but 100% free. And you can’t stop at water for free, all of life’s necessities must be added into the mix.

The provision of water, electricity and other utilities and the guarantee of decent-paying and secure jobs, health care, housing and education aresocial rights over which there can be no compromise. Access to water must be freely available to everyone. All shutoffs must be immediately stopped, and those whose water has been turned off must have access to this basic necessity restored immediately.

As far as I know, the only socialist utopia theoretically capable of providing all of life’s necessities is communism. That’s certainly been a tried and failed experiment. Yet the indictment as causation for what ails us is capitalism.

These conditions are an indictment of capitalism, a system that guarantees billions of dollars to banks and big corporations while depriving workers and young people of the most basic necessities of civilized life.

This only underscores the fact that the capitalist system is attacking the entire working class in the US and around the world and that this can be stopped only by uniting all workers—black, white, native born and immigrant.

Everyone shares in the blame.

The entire political establishment—from President Obama, Governor Rick Snyder and Mayor Mike Duggan, to the City Council, the trade unions and the media—are guilty of a premeditated crime, which everyone knows will lead to devastation and even death.

He goes on from there to blame virtually everyone for the water shutoff victims so no one will accuse him of being a partisan hack.

Here’s the problem. If you support the workers paradise of communism, this author openly promotes the Socialist Equality Party, you can’t have it both ways. You want a democracy in which the workers unite of their own free will to discard capitalism. Once communism is implemented, democracy goes by the wayside.

Isn’t this always the problem with avowed communists? They can’t openly promote what they believe just as Obama couldn’t be clear of just what he meant by fundamentally changing America. It won’t sell. Thus the attack on capitalism and the standard us vs. them rhetoric. Attempting to garner support from the right by attacking Obama and the democrats is thinly veiled.

Capitalism doesn’t guarantee anything to anyone. Certainly doesn’t stop the opportunistic from exploiting it, however, this is true of any economic system. My advice would be for the author to join an anarchist group. At least then he will have the satisfaction of denying the same old rich folks benefitting regardless of the economic or class system in play.

But isn’t that the point? This author just employs a different slant of deceit in attempting to empower the little guy. The Socialist Equality Party employs their own standards for crony rewards and it certainly won’t be the little guy ending up with the spoils.

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Was I totally wrong in yesterday’s post?

Posted by 5etester on July 15, 2014

In light of my previous post about our endless wars over natural resources, I give you the opposing opinion. In what could be a propaganda piece directly out of the White House, wars are apparently so yesterday.

The 3 reasons?

1. The democratic peace
2. Nuclear deterrence
3. Sovereignty

Really? The current occupant of the White House is moving fast-forward to derail all 3 reasons.

There are endless examples of our Dictator-in-Chief expressing his desire to “act where Congress won’t” and other catch phrases he uses. Flagrant violations of the rule of law, trampling of our citizen’s rights, etc., etc., etc. A democracy is hardly at the top of his agenda.

Nuclear deterrence? The President has made no secret of his desire to disarm America. Our history of exceptionalism and being the only superpower left is what’s wrong with America if you listen to his rhetoric. A nuclear free world is a centerpiece of the progressive agenda.

Sovereignty is laughable as our country’s southern border has evaporated. Breaking down borders and expanding the collective is also at the top of the progressive agenda.

Wars and the manner in which they are fought have always been dynamic and they will continue to change over time. However, the core reasons behind them are in our DNA. No amount of propaganda pieces such as this video will change that.

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Black Gold behind the latest Middle East uprising?

Posted by 5etester on July 14, 2014

Regular readers of Spellchek know we regularly post links to those who’ve figured it out. ‘It’ in this case being the fact that natural resources make the world go round. We live in a world driven by energy wars. You generally won’t see it on the headlines which may blare religious war or political ideology war or some other distraction. But make no mistake, there is a clear path of evidence if you’re willing to look at it.

Today’s link goes to Michael Klare of TomDispatch.com. He does an excellent job of weeding through the media driven headlines to get to the real back story. Energy. Enjoy.

Twenty-First-Century Energy Wars
Global Conflicts Are Increasingly Fueled by the Desire for Oil and Natural Gas — and the Funds They Generate
By Michael T. Klare

Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, South Sudan, Ukraine, the East and South China Seas: wherever you look, the world is aflame with new or intensifying conflicts. At first glance, these upheavals appear to be independent events, driven by their own unique and idiosyncratic circumstances. But look more closely and they share several key characteristics — notably, a witch’s brew of ethnic, religious, and national antagonisms that have been stirred to the boiling point by a fixation on energy.

In each of these conflicts, the fighting is driven in large part by the eruption of long-standing historic antagonisms among neighboring (often intermingled) tribes, sects, and peoples. In Iraq and Syria, it is a clash among Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds, Turkmen, and others; in Nigeria, among Muslims, Christians, and assorted tribal groupings; in South Sudan, between the Dinka and Nuer; in Ukraine, between Ukrainian loyalists and Russian-speakers aligned with Moscow; in the East and South China Sea, among the Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipinos, and others. It would be easy to attribute all this to age-old hatreds, as suggested by many analysts; but while such hostilities do help drive these conflicts, they are fueled by a most modern impulse as well: the desire to control valuable oil and natural gas assets. Make no mistake about it, these are twenty-first-century energy wars.

It should surprise no one that energy plays such a significant role in these conflicts. Oil and gas are, after all, the world’s most important and valuable commodities and constitute a major source of income for the governments and corporations that control their production and distribution. Indeed, the governments of Iraq, Nigeria, Russia, South Sudan, and Syria derive the great bulk of their revenues from oil sales, while the major energy firms (many state-owned) exercise immense power in these and the other countries involved. Whoever controls these states, or the oil- and gas-producing areas within them, also controls the collection and allocation of crucial revenues. Despite the patina of historical enmities, many of these conflicts, then, are really struggles for control over the principal source of national income.

Read more – http://www.tomdispatch.com/post/175865/tomgram%3A_michael_klare%2C_fighting_for_oil/#more

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Rev. Jackson wants $2B for Chicago violence – here’s how to solve it for less than half that!

Posted by 5etester on July 10, 2014

The good Reverend Jesse Jackson appears to have a tinge of jealousy when it comes to redistributing the wealth. President Obama has thrown his support behind a proposal to send nearly $4 billion to deal with the problem of illegal immigration at our southern border. The Reverend supports this but would like us to spend a little more.

“If we can find $4 billion for those children — and we should — we can find $2 billion for Chicago. There are more children involved, and more have been killed, and more have been shot,” said Jackson.

It’s a typical government solution. Throw money at a problem and make it go away. Jackson supports forcing taxpayers from one end of the country to the other to pay for Chicago’s violence problem.

We here at Spellchek always like to promote what is in the best interest of the public. Accordingly, here is a solution to the Chicago violence problem and guess what the best part is? It’ll cost less than half of what Jackson proposes!

The solution? Have the feds provide a handgun to every resident of Chicago. The population of Chicago is roughly 2.7 million people. The average cost of a handgun is likely between $300 to $600. Of course you can spend more or less, but that would be a fair average. And if we award a government contract to a gun supplier for millions of handguns, certainly we can secure a fair price for a government issued handgun.

For example, 2.7 million handguns at $300 a pop is $945 million, a relative bargain compared to the $2 billion the Rev. Jackson wants to throw down the sewer hole.

The best part? It would work! Violent crime would plunge. The gang’s of Chicago which currently rule the city would disintegrate as their members are picked off one by one.

Deterrence is a dirty word to big government supporters because it empowers the individual to protect themselves without having to rely upon big brother to do it for them.

Heck, we could arm the entire country for less than $100 billion. That’s less than a couple of weeks of spending at the federal government level. Seems like a bargain to save countless thousands of lives, doesn’t it?

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Is water a ‘right’ in Detroit? The U.N. thinks so but here’s why they are wrong

Posted by 5etester on June 27, 2014

Thomas Jefferson writes in the Declaration of Independence of our unalienable rights.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

I’m as much a supporter of liberty as anybody but I have to take issue with the notion that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights. Why? Not that I oppose them, just that I don’t believe they’re guaranteed. Let’s take a look.

Life? Who has that guarantee? We are born 100% dependent on other humans to care for us. You’d hope that your parents take their obligation seriously in rearing you, but as they say, you don’t get to pick your parents. It’s luck of the draw. Children dying from neglect are a daily occurrence in this world so if the Good Lord had intended for us to be endowed with a right to life, one would think we would’ve at least started out right at adulthood with the ability to support ourselves.

Liberty? What hope does a child born in North Korea have of ever experiencing liberty?

You can see where I’m going with this. Protections against a government, or any entity for that matter, are in place to prohibit said entity from impeding our rights. Any perceived endowment from our Creator right from birth is really symbolism as we aren’t capable of exercising our rights in our early years. It isn’t just a matter of youth. Some will die young. Some will face lifelong disabilities preventing them from ever exercising their endowed rights.

A right is said to be universal, in place at all times and in all places. This clearly isn’t the case. Having the ability to exercise a right is dependent upon ones opportunity to exercise it. It may never be the case in which you were denied by another from exercising a right, just that you weren’t able to do so. That doesn’t qualify as endowed by the Creator in my book.

The reason I’m delving into this subject is the ridiculous notion proffered by the U.N. in accusing the city of Detroit of discrimination by denying residents who don’t pay their water bill as having their right’s violated – http://rinf.com/alt-news/latest-news/un-detroit-denial-water-thousands-violates-human-rights/

So what really is a right and who gets them? Clearly, rights aren’t based upon need as our disabled would testify to. Nor are they based upon any of our differences as human beings. No one ever started out life with any guarantee of equality or fairness or opportunity. Our education, our morality, our religion, etc. are all products of our environment.

Natural law or any other attempt to declare rights, such as the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Declaration_of_the_Rights_of_Man_and_of_the_Citizen – are just that. Declarations. That being ideals and noble goals we should all aspire to. Constitutions around the world can adopt these ideals as ours has here in the U.S., but it doesn’t change the fact that we never had them guaranteed from day one universally.

Good conscience or treating others with respect are nice, but they don’t qualify as a guaranteed right. The infrastructure system in place to deliver water right to your tap in the city of Detroit is a product of innovation and taxpayer dollars used to implement it. Not a right endowed from the Creator. The necessities required to sustain life vary from person to person. Food, water and air may be the bare bones basics for all of us, but some may need much more merely to survive. So rights cannot be need based as they aren’t universal accordingly.

Supporters of human rights or liberty shouldn’t be dismayed. Holding up a theory such as endowed rights from our Creator as a bellwether for all to subscribe to is just a testament to the good natured side of mankind. Those who object for other nefarious reasons will never adhere either in ideology or in practice. For example, none other than our illustrious President Obama. He has famously stated that our Constitution consists of a negative charter of liberties. Spoken by a true supporter of the collective trumping the individual. He believes that any rights one may have are those that are granted by the state.

You may say, how is that really any different than what I’ve been discussing? After all, if rights aren’t endowed by a Creator, than isn’t the state the next logical substitute? The difference is in the ideology. Obama and his type believe in state granted liberties that can be taken back at their discretion. I disagree with the premise of Thomas Jefferson, but not the practice. He may believe that our rights were Heaven sent and unalienable. However, even one who simply agrees that our agreed upon rights are universal and irrefutable regardless of their origin will still make law to limit government the same.

There you have it. A right is an agreed upon discipline considered equally valuable to all and therefore worthy of protection from those who would disavow it. A right provides an opportunity for those who have the ability to utilize it. Laws are necessary to limit entities such as government from exceeding their authority which may result in suppressing our rights. Guaranteeing our rights doesn’t mean that you are assured of them, only that they can’t be denied to you. They are the traditional opposition to progressivism, a guarantee of opportunity and not one of outcome.

Perhaps the day will come when mankind supports the notion that public services should be provided to all regardless of cost. That day hasn’t come yet. After all, I have a well and septic system at my home. Do you think other taxpayers will support paying for my new well when the need arises? I didn’t think so. So you residents of Detroit? Just pay your damn water bill and enjoy the fruits of your progressive dream!

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Obama sending secret weapon into Iraq?

Posted by 5etester on June 14, 2014

Here it is. Sure to strike fear in the ISIS infidel hearts.

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Made in America

Posted by 5etester on June 13, 2014

At least we will know where to put the blame. If the day comes when the terrorist nations use the weapons of hell against us or other enemies, at least we will know that.

At first, we will try to evade the truth. We will say it is the fault of our friends and allies who sold those mad-men the material for the chemical weapons, the missiles and the nuclear technology.

But eventually we will have to face reality: the blame belongs to us, the Government and people of the United States. We knew, and could have stopped it, but did not.

That’s an op-ed from the late A.M. Rosenthal, former Editor of the New York Times, from May 12, 1989. Rosenthal was addressing the laundry list of companies that have been involved in the global crony-corporatist cabal that has created the cyclical war machine in operation today.

Today’s headlines are a perfect example as Iraq’s Shia are losing control to ISIS – http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/06/11/iraq-s-terrorists-are-becoming-a-full-blown-army.html.

Has America grown tiresome of the endless charade of uprisings by rebels or organizations of terror? Apparently not. Oh, we may grouse about the spikes in oil prices. Perhaps we’ll ask why we sent our boys off to yet another foreign war only to come back in a body bag? But will we dig a little deeper as to the root cause or just stick to the partisan jabbing of the opposing political party?

I see another blogger raising this question – http://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2014/06/12/is-this-why-no-one-found-wmds-in-iraq/.

Spellchek asked a similar question last year – http://spellchek.wordpress.com/2013/09/15/were-the-syrian-wmds-supplied-by-america/.

As you can see, not everything is made in China.

The point is the evidence has been out for years and years now yet each incident seems to bring about the same faux surprise as a ‘new’ organization peddles terror. The news cycle begins anew. Congress has something to talk about. Presidents blame prior administrations for their shortcomings. And so it goes around and around.

The problem is clear. The blame runs deep. Every corner of the beltway has its hands dirty. Exposing the underbelly of the military-industrial complex and its corporatist ties would be lethal to the establishment and must be protected at all costs.

Another example is provided by Zero Hedge – http://www.infowars.com/how-the-us-is-arming-both-sides-of-the-iraqi-conflict/

Yet another illustrates the billions in corporate profits for U.S. defense contractors in Iraq – http://www.blacklistednews.com/Violence_in_Iraq_Means_Profits_for_Beechcraft%2C_Lockheed%2C_Raytheon_and_other_Weapons_Makers/35960/0/0/0/Y/M.html

America slumbers as its liberty is stolen away.

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Decay – Detroit – democrat destruction

Posted by 5etester on June 8, 2014

The best way to view this video of the Pontiac Silverdome falling apart is if you imagine it is the city of Detroit in a microcosm. This is the direct result of a half-century of liberalism and how it absolutely destroys a community.

Another way to directly view the decay of Detroit is utilizing the Google Street View timelapse as GooBing Detroit has done – http://goobingdetroit.tumblr.com/.

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Forecast: 80’s with occasional floating ice

Posted by 5etester on June 3, 2014


Gotta love Michigan! Sunbathing with the ice chunks floating by (note the guy standing on one)! This photo was taken June 1st, 2014 near Marquette, MI.

More pics – http://www.usatoday.com/story/weather/2014/06/02/lake-superior-winter-ice/9878461/

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